Your take: on liberal factions and park lands


Today, readers are commenting on a resurgent right, and the city’s green space.

Commenting on the story: The Right has come back stronger “: Lib factions on accusation

I have watched the factional warfare between moderates and conservatives of the South African Liberal Party inside and out for a very long time.

Figures like Steele Hall, Robin Millhouse, Dean Brown and Legh Davis defended the principles of liberalism and defeated the reactionary conservative forces of the old Liberal and National League, creating a modern Liberal Party.

The antagonism never ended and rears its ugly head once again, the right hard emboldened to push back the true moderate liberals. If only the “illiberal” conservatives were brave enough to establish their own conservative party, letting those who believe in liberalism stay.

They won’t do it because they know that a Conservative Party would fail, as most South Australians have historically preferred liberal or moderate centrist Labor parties. – Andrew Tidswell

Let’s be clear about what’s going on here. The right wing of the Liberal Party, having been sidelined, learned a lesson from the Republican playbook of the United States and realized that its path back to power lies in the mobilization of evangelicals.

For me, it is not so much a question of the extreme right against the moderates as of who influences the political positions of the parties. Believers have as much right as anyone to get involved in politics and this is nothing new. What rings the alarm bells for me, however, are the implications of putting government in the hands of people whose stance on social justice issues is not dictated by reason, evidence, and humanist ideals, but by religious legalisms and biblical literalism.

These organizations are home to reactionaries who deny the science of climate change and evolutionary biology. They promote the concept that “leadership” is vested in man. These are people who want to submit your gay son / daughter to conversion therapy; who want to “pray the gay away”. In America, they gave us four years of Trump.

I accept the right of every South Australian to be involved in politics and community, but tolerance and politeness should not deter us from calling this thing for what it is. A Liberal Party beholden to the support of evangelical conservative churches would endanger the social progress of the past fifty years and pervert our secular democracy into a reactionary pseudo-theocracy. -Harry Dewar

In the scheme of things, do you think anyone really cares about Cory Bernadi, Nicolle Flint or Alex Antic?

With Scott Morrison’s botched vaccine rollout, including those words, ‘this is not a race’ watching millions of people in prolonged lockdowns in NSW, Victoria and ACT, one might think the right one LNP faction has driven a very big nail in the coffin of its chances in the next federal election. – Gilbert Aitken

Commenting on story: Park Lands supporters urge UK body to reject Adelaide Park City candidacy

I think the modern term “greenwashing” sums up the government’s hypocritical stance as it presides over massive tree reduction through poorly planned infrastructure projects and their flawed new planning code. – George MacKenzie

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