Why Alina will probably regret giving Steven a second chance


After learning he cheated on the Tell-All, Alina gives Steven a second chance, but she ignores the red flags and will likely regret it.

On the 90 day fiancé: the other way Tell All, even more of Steven Johnston’s past and present indiscretions were revealed, but Alina gave him a second chance anyway, and the 90 day fiancé star will probably regret this decision. Steven’s behavior is very disturbing, and it’s a bad idea that Alina is giving him yet another chance to hurt him.

Steven and Alina got a designated segment at the start of Tell All, and right away, Steven got nervous. Steven has been called into question by his castmates Armando Rubio and Corey Rathgeber – both of whom have Mormon backgrounds – for not following the Mormon principles he claims to live by. Steven’s ex-girlfriend was also introduced and confirmed he has a habit of talking and dating other women as part of their relationships. In fact, she claimed he slept with three women on a trip to Russia while they were still together.


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After being confronted with his issues, Steven admitted he had a problem and said he wanted to change. However, he apparently didn’t do much to make this happen, and Alina was disgusted to find Steven sending dirty messages to nine different women since their marriage in Turkey. Steven even had the nerve to say he wanted a threesome, even though he admits he’s considering therapy. Steven’s ex-girlfriend made a passionate appeal for Alina to think about her own worth and leave Steven, but Alina stood firm and said she was giving him a second chance.

Steven Johnston Alina 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way Around

As much as Alina wants to give Steven a second chance, it’s definitely not a good idea for her to do so. Steven demonstrated clear demeanor that hasn’t changed – his ex said he got worse. Alina deserves better and has technically already given him a second chance, when she got him to delete his social media accounts (which he still has), so this really is his third chance … that fans know about. Now Steven knows he can get away with this behavior, as Alina continues to let him. Steven is likely to repeat this behavior, and Alina will likely regret giving him so many chances.

Alina was struck by a deluge of disturbing information at 90 day fiancé: the other way Says it all. But instead of using what she found out directly from Steven’s ex-girlfriend to make an informed decision, Alina hasn’t changed her mind about her husband. This is understandable since they have just gotten married and no one wants to feel like a mess so early in a marriage. There are so many red flags around Steven that it’s hard not to blame Alina for staying with him, but she’s also young and inexperienced. As much as fans want Alina to throw Steven on the sidewalk, she won’t, and it could lead to a heartbreak down the road.

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