Wellness Collective urges women in Philly to be a little selfish


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When Danielle Messi, a holistic psychotherapist, started The Wellness Collective in 2019, she had plans for the very first wellness center in Philly that focused on holistic healing of physical and mental illnesses caused by stress. Opening the center was a personal project, a catalyst for what Messi learned after being diagnosed with cervical cancer the week of his 29th birthday.

About 79 million people, most in their late teens and early twenties, are currently infected with HPV, and an estimated 14 million more are infected each year. However, the main causes of cervical cancer in addition to HPV are stress levels and poor diet. After being diagnosed, the new mom of two toddlers spent the end of 2018 and half of 2019 on treatment for the disease. Being allowed to deal with emotions hasn’t really made it easier to deal with them, but the process of figuring out what helps body and mind is how Messi found his solution and his new endeavor based on helping others. also.

“The Wellness Collective was founded after my battle with cancer, because I learned the hard way that finding resources for health and wellness can be overwhelming (especially during a crisis),” Messi explains. “My goal with The Wellness Collective is to bring together multiple health and wellness resources under one roof, to help support people holistically in any situation they may face. “

Danielle MessiProvided

The Wellness Collective offers Philadelphians a variety of healthy options. Think of it as a menu of options to feed everything their body and mind need. In a world where Messi says the message is to ‘work hard until you burn out’, the cancer survivor wants to combat that notion with an idea that emphasizes nurturing your emotional well-being. , physical and mental at all costs.

Now, years after The Wellness Collective launched in the City of Brotherly Love, Messi wants to bring his knowledge and expertise to the women of Philadelphia through an event that calls on people to be a little selfish.

“The SELF (ISH) philly conference is a larger extension of this same idea. I wanted to take the best health and wellness resources in town, including acupuncture, nutritionists, mental health professionals, spas, gyms, and oriental medicine practitioners, and put them all in the same place, ”continues Messi. “My hope is that all who attend the conference will be introduced to the wealth of wellness opportunities that the City of Philadelphia has to offer so that they can take preventative action to take care of themselves and know also who to turn to when needed. “

In 2020, the conference went virtual for obvious reasons. Now all women in town are invited to attend on October 1 (the event takes place at VUE on the 50th floor) to kick off a new wave of health and wellness through vendors, events and speakers. main. Participants must purchase a ticket and wear a mask during their stay to participate in the Healthy Fun Day.

“The transition from conference to virtual conference last year was difficult, but rewarding. On the one hand, the health and safety of our community is my top priority, so with the pandemic, we knew it was in the best interests of our attendees that the conference be online. On the other hand, I know how beneficial an experience like this can be when experienced in person, ”Messi said. “There is nothing that can match the feeling of immersing yourself in a true experience of well-being. That’s why I’m excited to bring the conference back to an in-person event this year, where all of our attendees can truly engage with wellness providers on a very human level.

Highlights include providers Crown Jewel Esthetics (a medical grade spa that provides skin care, eyelash and waxing services located in Rittenhouse Square), Contour Body Studio (the premier body contouring studio from Philadelphia to Kensington, offering fat loss and aesthetic services), Nomadic Home & Co (handmade candles, designed to promote healthy wellness and mindfulness) and speakers ranging from Marissa Cottrill ( a shadowwork coach speaking “How to Cure Toxic Patterns with Shadowwork”) Bailey Frumen (a licensed psychotherapist and certified life coach with “Caring for yourself is a state of mind”) Brigitte Ayoub (a business coach talking about “Owning your power and your greatness while managing life’s events) and much more.

“The SELF (ISH) philly conference will feature a number of free immersive treatments for attendees to take, including massage, acupuncture, and IV hydration treatments. There will also be 12 coaches that participants can schedule follow-up sessions with after the conference, which will help them gain all the momentum and healing they have experienced in their daily lives in the long term. This is something that I have never seen other conference proposal, and I think it is really special.

For Messi, this event isn’t just about raising awareness and providing a day in the city, it’s also about empowering the women of Philadelphia to take care of themselves.

“For centuries, women’s health has been neglected. As a former professor of abnormal psychology at Penn State University, I taught my students hysteria, a condition that was historically diagnosed exclusively in women to demonize them and pathologize their emotions, and about how it rates maternal mortality are significantly higher for women. women of color then they are for white women. As women, we need to be our own advocates and be at the forefront of the battle to take charge of our health, ”she says.

“After undergoing cancer treatment, I was determined to find the root cause of my cancer. And what I discovered is that chronic stress is the number one cause of all illnesses, both mental and physical, ”concludes Messi. “It is of the utmost importance that we move away from the restless mentality that society has instilled in us, to realize that our peace should be our number one priority. Take a sanity day and immerse yourself in it – your body and mind will thank you for it. ”

Tickets for SELF (ISH) philly are on sale now and can be purchased online. For more information, visit selfishphilly.com.


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