Tinder partners with Intellect to provide users with mental health care


People using Tinder in Singapore and the Philippines can access Intellect for free for six months

I missed the whole online dating scene, having met my significant other long before these apps hit the scene, and it’s not something I regret hearing many stories about. horror of other people. If I were to start dating for any reason, I think I would use them simply because that’s where everyone is: the number of people using online dating apps has increased by 35% since 2016 , compared to 240.9 million dating apps. users worldwide to 323.9 million users.

This comes as we also have a mental health crisis around the world, with anxiety and depression increasing by 25% globally in 2020 thanks to the pandemic.

That’s why Singapore-based Intellect is going where people already are, announcing earlier this week that it has partnered with Tinder to offer free online support to Tinder users in Singapore and the Philippines.

Users will have access to self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy programs and live coaching sessions with a certified behavioral health coach through April 26, 2023.

To get free access to Intellect, Tinder members simply search for the Tinder x Intellect profile card and swipe right to receive a personalized message from Intellect. When they click on the message, there will be a link to download the Intellect app and an exclusive code to register.

This isn’t the first time Tinder and Intellect have teamed up; in 2021, the two companies teamed up for the #BeThereForYou campaign where the two comloanies encouraged members to practice self-love, while giving free access to Tinder members in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

This year’s campaign is called #FeelGoodLoveGood and aims to encourage young single adults to find their authentic identity and put their well-being first. Partnering with Tinder is a great way to reach younger people, because of the app’s 75 million monthly active users and 9.6 million subscribers in 2021, 60% have fewer than 35 years. Compared to Match.com, Bumble, and eHarmony, Tinder has the highest user penetration in the 18-24 and 25-34 age bracket of all these apps.

In addition to other aspects of this partnership, the two companies also hosted a panel discussion titled “Tinder x Intellect | How exactly do I live, laugh, love? which took place as part of Intellect’s Mental Health Festival Asia event. The panel consisted of behavioral health coaches from Intellect as well as influencers such as Munah Bagharib and Andee Chua, and TeamSG athlete Constance Lien.

Founded in 2019, Intellect’s mission is to make mental health and wellness support accessible to everyone.

The company, which serves more than three million users and organizations worldwide, offers a self-care app and skills-building programs, certified behavioral health coaches, licensed psychologists and clinical care , as well as 24/7 access to support.

Intellect has raised $32.7 million in corporate funding from investors including Tiger Global, Insignia Ventures Partners, Y Combinator, HOF Capital, MS&AD Ventures and East Ventures.

“As the world massively opens up to talking about our mental health, we see the Gen Z population as a critical demographic that can drive the next phase of action: seeking support, starting with themselves,” said Theodoric Chew, CEO and co. -founder of Intellect, said in a statement.

“Young people today face a variety of growing challenges around their mental health, and as such, we are excited to further invigorate our partnership with Tinder for the second year in a row, to increase access to support. in mental health for our young people across Asia-Pacific.”

(Image source: intellect.co)


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