The Middle Way provides the tools to help those in need


Knoxville, Tenn. (WATER) – The Middle Path is an organization that offers dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) that helps individuals become the best versions of themselves. For Suicide Prevention Month, The Middle Path is providing tools to help us and our loved ones in need.

Today The Middle Path discussed their TIP skills, tools they teach their clients that cause a change in body chemistry and therefore help reduce extreme emotional reactions:

J – “Tip The Temperature” – place your face in a bowl of cold ice water or hold a cold compress over your eyes and cheeks. Hold the position for 15 to 30 seconds.

I – “Intense Exercise” – Do intense exercise, even if only for a short time, such as running, playing basketball, jumping, etc.

P – “Rhythmic Breathing” – Breathe deeply into your stomach. Exhale slower than you inhale while slowing the rate of your breathing.

For a little extra help during tough times, you can add a P for “Twin Muscle Relaxation” – In combination with your rhythmic breathing, tense your muscle without causing pain and, as you exhale, say “Relax” in your mind, releasing the tension in your muscle.

For more information on methods like these to improve your life, visit The Middle Way website.


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