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We all know that threat from childhood during summer vacation. The one where the parents said they’d tape your mouth if you didn’t stop gossiping and immediately fell asleep. Turns out they weren’t entirely wrong. Mouth taping is a new sleep therapy that promises good sleep, according to a popular book titled Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor.

As part of his research, Nestor conducted several breathing experiments to compare nasal breathing to oral breathing. One of them is mouth bandaging, a physical therapy that involves tying your mouth with surgical tape (available at local pharmacies). It sounds weird, but it’s a proven way to encourage nasal breathing while you sleep. Famous Indonesian singer Andien even shared an Instagram video about the Buteyko method, as it is known in South Asian countries, with all her family members including her husband and two sons sleeping with tape. adhesive.

This method has only been explored in a few scientific studies and its potential benefits are mostly anecdotal at this stage, says Dr. E Ravinder Reddy, Senior Pulmonologist, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad. “Nose breathing is the correct way to breathe – awake or during sleep. Mouth tape certainly reduces snoring and reduces micro-awakening, while promoting sleep quality and improving cognitive function. But research on the nighttime duct tape and each of these issues are needed before you can say that duct tape treats them effectively,” he adds.

Ayurveda recognizes the benefits of this method. It is also helpful in improving oral health and eliminating dental health problems, says Vikas Chawla, Founder and Director of Vedas Cure, an Ayurveda portal based in Noida. “Many are unaware of the fact that it also prevents snoring problems. Performing tongue exercises while wearing tape can also strengthen the muscles of the mouth.

It also builds strong immunity, providing an extra layer of defense and killing germs. People with high blood pressure should try the mouth tapping exercise because it controls blood pressure by widening blood vessels and enhancing the ability to carry oxygen throughout their body,” he adds.

how it helps
✥The tape forces individuals to breathe through their nose and changes the angle of the palate and tongue.
✥Dry mouth and bad breath are some of the health issues that duct tape curbs. However, there was no significant improvement for people with asthma.



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