Shai Efrati, specialist in hyperbaric medicine, will host the Global Wellness Summit


The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) has revealed that Shai Efrati, MD, a respected research scientist on hyperbaric oxygen therapy, will speak at the 2022 conference to be held in Tel Aviv from October 31 to November 3.

Efrati is a professor at the Sackler School of Medicine and the Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University and director of the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at Shamir Medical Center (the largest hyperbaric center in the world, treating more than 350 patients per day).

Efrati’s lab has created a unique approach to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) that involves immersing people in a high-pressure, high-oxygen environment and then carefully regulating the oxygen and pressure levels.

This technique, called the hyperoxic-hypoxic paradox (HHP), is believed to prompt the body to enter a regenerative state that triggers a variety of biological changes. These include the proliferation of stem cells, the generation of new blood vessels, and the repair of brain cells and tissues.

Over the past decade, Efrati’s research team has authored clinical studies that show how this specific HBOT therapy affects many health conditions, including patients who have suffered from strokes, brain damage traumatic, long Covid and PTSD.

But according to the GWS, it is its recent research on healthy individuals that has important implications for the world of well-being.

The therapy was recently shown to significantly improve (not just slow the loss of) cognitive function in healthy older adults by generating new neurons and blood vessels in the brain.

Another recent study found that the treatment reversed two major processes associated with aging and its diseases: the shortening of telomeres (the protective caps at the ends of each chromosome) and the accumulation of old, defective cells in the body.

“Our new studies demonstrate something for the first time and it’s the ‘holy grail’ of wellness: we can actually reverse the biology of aging and bring cellular and brain function back in time,” Efrati said.

“Getting old is not a bad thing; functional decline is. As the wellness world well knows, many more people are looking for solutions that can make them fully active and active every year of their lives.

“The future is high performance aging, and I’m excited to share my vision of that future – and the growing place of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the world of medical wellness – with the leaders who will meet at the Summit.”

Please note: this is not the usual “hyperbaric oxygen treatment”
Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are on the rise in spas and wellness centers and with home products. But, as Efrati warns, it’s not even the same approach: these offerings simply put people in a capsule filled with oxygenated air at minimal pressure, when that’s not what makes HBOT efficient.

“The game-changing component is the hyperoxic-hypoxic paradox: the precise protocols we’ve optimized for oxygen and pressure levels, fluctuations, and durations that trigger the regenerative process in the body,” Efrati said. .

“This evidence-based therapy must be performed in a medical facility by a qualified physician. All of these oxygen spas and pods can be dangerous: they lack the quality assurance of the air pump inside, and they pose threats of oxygen toxicity and other health issues. They are also not effective. The future is clearing up a lot of confusion in the market as to what evidence-based hyperbaric oxygen therapy actually entails and achieves.

Aviv Clinics
Efrati also co-founded AVIV Scientific, a research organization and network of global medical wellness clinics focused on innovative applications of hyperbaric medicine using HHP protocols, which can increase cognitive and physical performance in healthy aging adults. health.

Clinics have opened in Tel Aviv, Central Florida, and more recently in Dubai. Other properties are expected to arrive soon in New York and the UK. Aviv plans to open 50 properties worldwide over the next decade.

Through an exclusive partnership with the Sagol Center at Shamir Medical Center, each patient’s data and samples are sent to the center’s large research lab, where blood, DNA, telomeres, MRI results, etc

“Each year, we aim to bring the brightest stars in health and wellness to the stage, and Dr. Efrati is exactly the kind of innovator we’re looking for: a dynamic thinker whose work will truly change our future. , whose solutions are evidence-based, and who understands that new connections between medicine and wellness lie ahead,” said Susie Ellis, President and CEO of GWS.

“This is an incredible opportunity for delegates to immerse themselves in his research into the future of aging at such an early and crucial time. What he does is a game changer.


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