Scholarship brings books to young Manchester students


October 18 — Kathy Brodsky, of Manchester, author of children’s books and psychotherapist, was a guest at a meeting of the Manchester School District Director on Friday at Camp Carpenter to talk about two of his books – including a new one – that the district, with the help of a grant, was to donate to pre-K elementary school classes and each of the elementary school libraries.

The new book, “How Talula Turned her Day Around,” on wearing masks during the pandemic, comes with a coloring book and other materials; 166 copies were distributed to all preschool, first and second grade classes in the district.

“High Wire Act” is given to every elementary school library. It is a story of self-esteem told by a traffic light who realizes “his” importance in the lives of others.

The books, written in rhyme with funny pictures, encourage readers of all ages to answer more in-depth questions at the end that deal with larger issues, and can help with early intervention to help young students become more successful at school. at school and at home.

Principals wanted her to talk more to their staff in order to get more ideas and strategies to use with their students. Superintendent John Goldhardt said, “Good children’s literature gives hope … it’s really good and good for adults too.


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