RHOA fans applaud Kenya for standing up for Drew and calling out her husband


A new episode of RHOA aired Sunday night, and viewers saw Kenya Moore defending Drew Sidora. This week, the housewives and their husbands took a trip to New York for Kandi’s play. During dinner, an argument broke out between Drew and her husband.

Kenya, who couldn’t see Drew being treated the way she was, stood up for her. She called out Ralph Pittman for his disrespect to the RHOA star. Fans who watched the episode applauded Kenya for standing up for Drew.

“Ralph, stop it. What is laughter for? Do not do this to me. Kenya stepped in to cut through the bullshit, calling Ralph and defending Drew was amazing to watch. Queen behavior. #RHOA https://t.co/AIIi3iXW7J

Since Drew’s return last season, there have been constant ups and downs in her marriage to Ralph. Recently, things went haywire again between the couple when he admitted to growing closer to his assistant. Ralph took Drew out for a fancy dinner to make up for the ongoing drama in their lives.

When things seemed to be going well, just before dessert, Drew brought up the problem with their relationship. This didn’t sit well with Ralph, who finished dinner and walked away. When RHOA back this week, Drew and Ralph sat down for couples therapy. She shared that she did not feel appreciated or respected by her husband.

In retaliation for Drew’s comment, Ralph complained,

“I give her what any woman would appreciate. That one? It’s like everything is wrong with her because she’s insatiable! I tried giving her steak and lobster tonight- there. Really really, that night? She deserved a Lunchable.”

Their therapist, Dr Ken, then gave the couple a 30-day ceasefire drill to follow, where they weren’t supposed to argue. But that didn’t last long, because a few days later, on their trip to New York, Ralph started all over again. While discussing their issues with the other housewives, The RHOA The star explained that she couldn’t get over the fact that there was another woman.

Ralph responded by saying:

“I had to fire the assistant. I guess one question is, how can you finally get over it and say, ‘This is something that happened in the past and now we can go beyond.’ “

Kandi Burruss didn’t let Ralph have the final say on this soon. She asked him if the idea of ​​being close to his assistant didn’t seem crazy to him. But that didn’t stop Ralph, and he was quick to respond.

Ralph’s behavior did not seem acceptable to Kenya, who then decided to get up and call him.

Kenya called Ralph, sharing that he was tearing Drew down when she was injured. She added that she would have been upset if it was her in the same situation and someone had to say this to her face.

“See, let me tell you this right now. If my husband told me this, I would knock this table over because it’s so disrespectful. You’re basically saying she’s lying and the way it happened is not how it happened.

Fans on social media are praising the RHOA for calling Ralph and standing up for Drew.

Fans praise Kenya for defending Drew RHOA

Taking to Twitter, fans applauded Kenya for standing up to Ralph and calling it queen behavior.

Thank you Kenya! Get on Ralph’s ass!! #RHOA

#RHOA @KenyaMoore “Ralph, you remind me of Mark so much it’s crazy.” Me sitting on my couch screaming during commercials, “Go Girl! Shred him Kenya, shred him!” #MVP @BravoTV 💥

Kenya made some incredible calls to Ralph…and oddly enough, he listened. #RHOA

I was waiting to see this Kenya. Ralph was wrong and Kenya told him where the dog died #RHOA

Now I’m not really a Kenyan fan but honey!!!!… 👏👏👏👏👏👏Kenya had the biggest balls to stand up to Ralph AND defend Drew. And she doesn’t even like Drew!! None of us do! But what’s wrong is wrong and I’m glad Kenya said something while the others played deaf and dumb. #RHOA

It was nice to see Kenya, Marlo and Kandi speaking out about Ralph’s awful treatment of Drew! We need to see more women lift up other women when they are struggling in marriages/relationships #RHOA #bravotv #Cheer

RHOA airs every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET only on Bravo. Readers can check local listings for more information.

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