Rev. Suzie DeVaughn, LMSW’s “Mastering Self Care” book is an insightful guide to wellness for caregivers and others looking to improve their quality of life.


Reverend Suzie DeVaughn, LMSW, has completed her new book “Mastering Self-Care: Building Resiliency through Healthy and Mindful Living”. This is thoughtful work inspired by her own healing journey following a serious health crisis. DeVaughn is a psychotherapist in private practice in the State of Kansas. She is the founder and CEO of Self-Care Specialists through which she conducts stress management and mindfulness courses for professional caregivers and professionals.

This book begins with Suzie DeVaughn’s deeply impactful healing journey and illustrates how extreme self-care saved her life. The painful health crisis ultimately led her to a career as a speaker, author, psychotherapist and healing facilitator. She has guided thousands of clients to their deepest pain, turning wounds into wisdom through compassion, love and insight.

“Mastering Self-Care” is aimed at all those who wish to improve their quality of life, from the general public to professional caregivers. The author educates the reader on the multiple dimensions of personal care, including practical tips for integrating life-affirming practices into daily living. DeVaughn creates a paradigm shift regarding compassionate self-care to avoid burnout in the process of helping others. Dealing with stress from the inside out is essential for successfully overcoming life’s challenges.

This book provides an in-depth perspective on categories of self-care, including physical, psychological, interpersonal / social, professional, spiritual and energetic management / cleansing. Self-assessments are incorporated to educate the reader about current habits, patterns and beliefs. It then follows with a section on strategy for helping the beginner into an achievable diet or improving existing practices for those more advanced. Special prevention and identification considerations are outlined for professional and family caregivers, as they may be at high risk for secondary trauma due to the intensity of their services and care.

“Mastering Self-Care” provides the reader with awareness, inspiration, ideas and techniques regarding the effective use of self-care as the foundation for a healthy and mindful life. It helps to counterbalance the stress of personal and professional life, resulting in increased resilience, energetic optimization, balance and fullness. Everyone can benefit from this book, from those who are just starting to focus on their needs, to advanced self-lovers.

“What we need is a self-care movement in which each person loves, cares and takes responsibility for themselves. By recognizing and responding to our needs, we have more energy and compassion to help others. In this scenario, everyone benefits, ”says DeVaughn.

Published by Page Publishing, Reverend Suzie DeVaughn, LMSW’s compelling book is an invaluable resource for the personal well-being of all kinds of caregivers, including health and mental health professionals, first responders, parents. , animal groomers and educators.

Readers interested in exploring this engaging work can purchase “Mastering Self-Care: Building Resilience Through Mindful, Healthy Living” in bookstores around the world, or online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, the Apple iTunes Store and Google play.

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