ReadLS aims to help struggling readers • Current edition


A game-based cognitive therapy program designed for struggling readers ages 5 and up has expanded to central Indiana. ReadLS, launched locally at Riley Hospital for Children, aims to build and strengthen the neural systems in the brain necessary for reading.

“The game-based format keeps the user engaged and motivated during lessons. Since the entire program is done on a computer, ReadLS can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home,” said said Laura Donaldson, account executive at MEG & Associates, a marketing firm that worked with New York-based distributor CanAdvance to launch the program in central Indiana.

ReadLS uses motion graphics and differential sound to develop phonemic awareness, graphophonemic knowledge and language structure. Donaldson said the goal of ReadLS is to help individuals build confidence in their reading skills and abilities.

“Too often children who struggle with reading feel less capable when compared to their peers. They are frustrated that their friends and classmates are reading at higher levels,” said Carmel resident Donaldson. “Many feel embarrassed, even teased, because they receive extra help with reading or because they are known as ‘bad readers’ when doing reading aloud activities in class. It becomes very discouraging and many children give up. Teachers and parents eventually reach a point where they feel like they’ve tried everything to help. ReadLS was created by dyslexics, for dyslexics, and virtually anyone who has difficulty reading.

CanAdvance has professionals using ReadLS in clinics in eight states. ReadLS first launched in central Indiana in December 2021. Locally, CanAdvance has partnered with the Riley Children’s Foundation for a holiday promotion to benefit the Riley Children’s Foundation. The program can also be used remotely.

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