Publication of the Psychiatric Teletherapy Guide for Anxiety and Depression in St Petersburg FL Women


Thriving Lane (347-830-7720), a women’s mental health and counseling center with offices in St. Petersburg, FL and Atlanta, GA, has published a guide explaining why women may consider seeing a psychiatrist about their anxiety or depression. .

The center, led by Dr Shama Rathi, MD, and Dr Sippra Laddha, MD, released a guide detailing the reasons why one in eight women develop clinical depression in their lifetime, while more suffer from anxiety disorders. . The guide also helps readers decide when to seek help from a psychiatrist. For these and a wide range of mental health issues, Thriving Lane offers in-person and telehealth options for women of all ages.

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The new guide discusses the range of hormonal changes that can occur, for example, after the birth of a child. While almost all women experience the “baby blues” after childbirth, which is a brief period of depression and fatigue, some women suffer from major mental health issues such as postpartum depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue. PTSD, postpartum OCD or postpartum psychosis. .

As with depression, women are twice as likely to experience anxiety as men. This can include panic disorders, as well as social and specific phobias.

A screening study conducted from January to September 2020 showed a significant increase in mental health problems for all Americans, including a 93% increase in anxiety and a 62% increase in reported depression. Almost 30% of women reported symptoms of depression and anxiety, nearly double the rates estimated before the pandemic.

Thriving Lane recognizes that the individual needs of women vary, as the guide explains. The clinic offers treatment plans that blend traditional psychology with holistic approaches, incorporating positive psychology, CBT, mind-body interventions, and mindfulness techniques into its therapy programs.

The clinic treats a range of conditions in different categories including perinatal and postpartum disorders, reproductive issues, increased stress and anxiety at home or at work, and conflict in relationships. Thriving Lane also helps patients deal with issues such as loss and bereavement, identity and origin issues, and life transitions. For patients unable or reluctant to do face-to-face meetings, the clinic offers telehealth services in conjunction with Synergy e-Therapy, a collective of independent licensed therapists.

About Thriving Lane

The clinic’s scientific and culturally sensitive approach includes various psychotherapies, positive psychology, CBT, dynamic therapy, and body-mind interventions. Dr Rathi trained as a child and adolescent psychiatrist at New York University, where she was chief resident. Additional work in complementary medicine shaped his approach to integrative psychiatry. Dr Laddha is a certified psychiatrist trained in pharmacology as well as psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT, humanistic and supportive psychotherapy.

“Together with the patient, we create a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan,” said a spokesperson for the clinic. “We strive to identify the patient’s own goals and plan accordingly. Our mission is quite simply to optimize the health and well-being of the patient so that she feels better about herself and that she has the necessary tools to continue her progress.

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