Programs at YBGR in Billings


The mission of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch (YBGR) is to provide young people with an adult life surrounded by caring people who care about their success in the programs.

The accredited organization uses evidence-based research in its treatment approach for trauma-informed care, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and more. YBGR offers several programs and services that ensure troubled youth receive the proper help to ensure they succeed when they return home.

Jasmine Hansen, Public Relations Coordinator for YBGR, talks about some of the programs available in the organization.

One such program is Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT), which offers community therapy services that students can use at school or at home. Targeted case managers help families find the best services for their children.

Homes for Heifers is a program where breeders can adopt a calf from YBGR and care for it until they bring it back and sell it. Money earned goes directly to other YBGR programs and services. This program is a great way to involve breeders in the organization.

YBGR can also adopt a pair of calves for the children to help raise. They assist in the branding and calving process and maintain the cattle. This program helps children develop empathy and learn to care about other things.

Programs like these are also incorporated into their science curriculum. There are also courses that help young people learn vocational skills such as woodworking, small engine repair, and art and music programs. These projects are a good outlet for them to work on projects that interest them.

YBGR also offers therapeutic foster care. This program requires additional training for foster parents to help build relationships with youth since most children in this program have more trauma than others. The foster care program at YBGR allows for the care of one foster child at a time, with the exception of sibling groups.

This summer, five students will graduate from Yellowstone Academy, a year-round YBGR boarding school program that will help them achieve their educational treatment goal. Towards the end of the summer, there will also be a YoungLife camp on the YBGR campus.

Volunteer groups are always welcome to help with the YoungLife camp or any other event. Anyone interested in volunteering is invited to submit projects.

Visit the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch website or contact Jasmine Hansen for more information.


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