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Peak’s approach to hyper-personalized learning and development

Posted on August 3, 2021

New Delhi: Peak, the business intelligence company, recognizes that the traditional end-of-year assessment, designed in the 1970s, is obsolete for any fast-paced tech company. Research shows that 90% of companies that have redesigned their performance management programs see direct improvements in employee engagement and satisfaction.

Millennials, who have grown up in the digital age, want continuous feedback. At the same time, managers want more opportunities to regularly connect with their team members. Taking a continuous feedback approach means managers and employees have frequent recording sessions throughout the year, providing a regular forum for discussion of an individual’s performance and development.

Innovative companies, such as Peak, are offering team members more frequent and shorter check-ins, including daily stand-ups and weekly one-to-ones. Along with regular feedback, Peak continues to offer semi-annual structured reviews focused on promotions, stock option grants and salary increases. In today’s dynamic market, goals are never stagnant, but dynamic and evolving. At Peak, speed, agility, and continuous feedback ensure that everyone is aligned with the company’s strategy and mission, and can be more effective by having a clear understanding of how their individual goals fit into. all. The company also fosters a culture of continuous learning and development.

Robert Bainbridge, Director of Human Resources at Peak, said: “Companies now have to unlearn the old way of thinking when it comes to learning and developing their teams. As soon as you join Peak, we tailor a unique Personal Development Plan (PDP) to your specific needs and ambitions. This PDP approach is a powerful combination of technical training, coaching and mentoring, as well as skills building programs and industry certifications, such as AWS and Kubernetes. This ensures that Peak can celebrate the achievements of individuals at every stage of their career.

Peak ranked 25th on the list of Best Mid-Size Companies to Work for 2021 while also earning the 3-Star Top Companies Accreditation, which recognizes extraordinary levels of employee engagement. The company has grown rapidly over the past 12 months, with revenues doubling thanks to new customers in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and India. With a growing list of global clients, including Nike, KFC, PepsiCo and JSW Cement, Peak offers successful applicants the opportunity to work with cutting-edge software that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into global organizations like these. ci to transform their decision making. .


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