Parker keeps sex on the table but in a discreet and entertaining way


Book review

By Derryll White

Parker, Robert B. (2009). The professional.

“The Professional” is another novel by Robert B. Parker starring his charming character PI Spenser. Spenser operates under his own code, mostly moral in nature. He doesn’t blatantly break the law – in fact, he often works in conjunction with the Boston Police, on his terms. Spenser is always perceptive, listens well, and has a keen eye for beautiful (and sometimes not noticeable) women.

But he’s still loyal to his main flame, Dr. Susan Silverman. I subscribe to his philosophy of observing and rejoicing in the magic in which the female of the species drapes herself. Spenser finds constant pleasure in the pose and presentation that his clients, surprisingly all of the women in this story, use to cover up their real issues.

Spenser is quick with his repartee, insightful and funny. This advances the book in an entertaining way, as most of Robert B. Parker’s stories are very oral and dialogue-based. So if you are looking for a sharp mind this may be for you. I love the way Parker keeps sex front and center throughout this novel without ever being graphic or salacious – not porn but just the way most of us choose to live our lives.

It’s a fun book. He moves fast with a very witty dialogue, and he still keeps the sex on the table but in a low-key and entertaining way. It is sobering – have you ever had a threesome? Want one? Who loses ? More or less that way. I enjoyed it very much.


Excerpts from the novel:

LOVE – “The best times of my life,” I said, “came because I loved someone.”

“Yeah,” he said.

– And the worst, I say.

“Yeah,” he said.

SENSER’S WORLD – I had just finished a job for an interesting woman named Nan Sartin, and was happily billing her, when a woman walked in who promised to be just as interesting.

SEX – “I jump to the conclusion,” I said.

“Unfortunately, the conclusion is correct. She had an affair.

– A lot of things are circulating, I say.

“Do you disapprove?” »Says Elisabeth.

“I guess it’s probably best if people can be loyal to each other,” I said.

“She’s not a bad woman,” Elizabeth said.

“Business is usually not about good and bad,” I said.

“What do you think they’re talking about? “

– Need, I say.

HEALING – “Eric and I spent two years doing psychotherapy. Each with our own therapist. Do you remember Mr. Hemingway’s remark? she said.

“It heals stronger on the break,” I said.

LOVE – “Sex is a complicated thing,” I said.

Susan’s eyes widened.

“Wow,” she said.

“It strengthens love,” I said. “But not as much as love improves it.”

– You noticed it, said Susan.

“I have.”

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