Parenting: my son does not take off his Spiderman costume


In this week’s “Parenting” segment of Moncrieff, a listener asked for advice about her child refusing to take off his Spiderman costume.

Joanna Fortune, psychotherapist specializing in psychotherapy for children and adults, has joined News to answer this and other listeners’ questions.

The question:

“My 6 year old boy received a Spiderman costume from Santa Claus. Since then I think it’s fair to say he’s basically Spiderman.

“He became an actor of the Daniel Day Lewis method and is inseparable from the costume. Even when he takes a bath, it is difficult to take it off and he even recounts how ‘Spiderman does not reveal his identity’.

“At first it was a lot of fun, but it’s a nightmare now when I try to take him off. How do I get him out of there and his character before he goes back to school without messing up that Christmas present he loves so much? “

Parenting: my son does not take off his Spiderman costume

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Jeanne’s response:

“. It was very well received. Place on gift for little Spiderman.

“And he’s having so much fun with that and you know that at six, they’re really in this stage 3 developmental game that’s all about role-playing.”

“And you know it’s about becoming characters, immersing yourself in what you imagine someone else’s experience to be. It can be the play of teachers, parents, children, children. doctors and patients, and it can be a superhero game!

“So it’s a really appropriate type of play and it looks like he’s getting so much joy out of it and that’s awesome. But yeah, gotta go back to school! And after a while this costume is going to start to smell. – I fully understand the challenge with that.

“I wonder if, as parents, you could contact Santa Claus, or Spiderman himself and ask if they could write a letter. Just remind the little guy that all superheroes have their usual clothes and usual daily activities – like work or school. They don’t wear their costumes all the time.

“Remind him just because he might have forgotten.”

She continued:

“I just remind him that we have to wear normal clothes to be normal people every now and then and then we become superheroes at special times.

“And adding in a line that” All superheroes have a laundry day too. “Because they don’t want their costumes to stink because people would see them coming because they would smell them coming and he’s very important that the costumes stay fresh.

“So I would outsource that to Santa Claus or Spiderman to write a letter that can come in the mail, very formal and just explain that to your son.” Be as creative as you can because I know Spiderman would send a very special letter and I think that’s the best way.

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