Opening of a new specialized preschool in Crown Heights


The Lighthouse, which is the first preschool program for children with special needs in Crown Heights, opens this month. Full story

The Lighthouse, an applied behavior analysis therapy agency, has worked with the Crown Heights community for nearly two years. As they got to know local families and schools through their in-school and home therapy services, they saw the need for a center-based preschool and knew they had to. to fill in.

With their first-hand knowledge of community needs, the trust they built with parents and local schools, and the diverse services for clients of all ages, they were ideally placed to spring into action, introducing the Lighthouse Early Learning Center (ELC), a full-day preschool special education program in the heart of Crown Heights.

The program, for children ages 18 months to 5 years, provides personalized ABA therapy and related services in a playgroup setting throughout the school day.

At ELC, children will work one-on-one with ABA therapists to target social, behavioral, language, communication, and ADL skills. They can also receive all related services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy or physiotherapy at the center during school hours.

“For children who need intensive early intervention, even the best individual therapy in a mainstream program does not compare to a specialized program designed specifically with therapeutic goals in mind,” explains the lighthouse director. Pessy Raitman, MS Ed., BCBA, LBA.

“These formative years are crucial for a child’s development,” says Raitman. “Receiving the best possible therapy in the right setting at this age is invaluable.”

“The Lighthouse preschool program fills an incredible need in this community,” shares CF of Crown Heights, whose son is enrolled at the Lighthouse ELC. “There are other places in Crown Heights that offer therapy in regular classrooms, but there are no special preschools.

“Right now my son has therapists taking him out of class or sitting next to him in the classroom. At Lighthouse, he will participate in a specialized program designed, staffed and run by trained behavior analysts, where he will spend the entire morning working on his goals in a space and environment designed for children with needs like his.

The Lighthouse, which was established in 2020, provides behavioral services to children in schools, at home and at The Lighthouse Center. The modern, bright and interactive space, located on Troy Avenue, is home to social groups, after-school programs and a variety of activities.

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