Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure Just Got A Free Musical Rhythm Game Mode


Nintendo’s music update for Ring Fit Adventure feels like a game in its own right.


Nintendo may have the best home response to Beat the saber, if you have a Ring adjustment. Nintendo has just released a free update to its Ring shaped adventure fitness game for Nintendo Switch, adding a new mini-game which is a rhythm-based music workout set to a bunch of Nintendo game soundtracks.

I’m playing Beat Saber all the time in VR. This is one of the many stellar VR music games. The Ring Fit Adventure update looks like a great alternative, but you need the Ring Fit accessory and game, which are hard to find now that a lot of people are taking refuge in their homes.

The update also adds new language support for international players and a jog mode that allows for more casual runs through levels without game challenges.


A preview of some pieces of music.


The seemingly bizarre Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness game for Switch launched last year, has become one of Nintendo’s most memorable games. I still love her – but please be sure to stretch before playing. And it’s really better to play on a TV with the Original switch, although it connects to the lowercase Switch Lite if you have no other option.

The news was announced in a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini video today, featuring a Animal Crossing: New Horizons update and other game launch reveals. You can watch the full video below.

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