News from Donald Trump: ex-POTUS castigated by allegations of “massive coronavirus attack” | World | New


The former president appeared to be targeting the Biden administration and its handling of the international health crisis. Speaking to Fox News host Dan Bongino on Saturday, Mr Trump theorized about the treatment he would have received from critics if the United States had suffered “this massive coronavirus attack” while in office .

He said: “Well, first of all, could you imagine if I was president right now and we had this massive coronavirus attack, you know, now they like to call it, they have new names? and they have other new names, but that’s exactly what we had, we had the same thing.

“If it was me, they’d say ‘what a horrible thing, what a horrible job.’

“These are numbers in some cases that are equivalent to what it was, but we don’t hear that.”

By the time Mr. Trump left the Oval Office earlier this year, the United States had recorded more than 400,000 coronavirus deaths.

The 45th president was also criticized in the early days of the pandemic for his controversial advocacy for an antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of the disease without any proven effect.

In May of last year, Mr Trump announced that he had started taking the drug just as a coronavirus outbreak in the White House raised concerns for his safety.

His latest remarks sparked backlash, with some viewers taking to social media to counter his views.

One Twitter user wrote: “I don’t have to imagine… I survived its utter and utter failure. Instead of testing and plotting, he wanted us in church at Easter.


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