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Are you having difficulties in your relationship at home or in personal life or at work, do you have trouble regulating your mood, do you feel impatient and not quite yourself?

Maybe you’ve noticed a pattern in yourself or in the choices you’ve made or are making. Or you just might have a question about yourself or your situation that you want to explore in a safe, non-judgmental place.

Perhaps an old question has now come back to you in a different form, a question you thought you had already addressed.

If you’ve tried different avenues or are wondering where to start, Need2talk can help.

Dr Mou Sultana is a counseling psychologist and psychotherapist with 15 years of postgraduate training and clinical experience. She is a behavioral and integrative therapist specializing in: trauma, difficulties with sex and sexuality, perinatal mental health (including fertility, pregnancy, parenthood) and mood disorders, including anger management.

In addition to acquiring BA Hons. in counseling psychotherapy from IICP Dublin, Dr Sultana obtained three masters degrees in sociology, psychology and psychoanalytic psychotherapy from UL and UCD (St. Vincent University Hospital).

After her doctorate at UCD, she began training in neuroscience at King’s College London.

His practice is informed by evidence-based techniques and integrative methods. His approach draws on the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, sociology and neuroscience.

Treatment plans are designed using a collaborative approach with clients based on their individual needs to meet their individual goals at the client’s pace.

Dr Sultana believes that one size does not fit all, that every individual is different, and their requests and experiences are different, no matter how similar it may appear on the surface.

She favors individuality, subjectivity and pays attention to the expression of the unconscious like dreams and recurring / intrusive thoughts. LGBTQ + & Poly-friendly clinic.


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