Minnesota teen counselor hires new therapist


Sentier Psychotherapy, a counseling clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota, announced that it has hired Bridgett Brye, MSW, LGSW as a therapist. She is currently taking clients online (in the state of MN). She specializes in children, adolescents, families and parents. Bridgett is highly skilled in play therapy and also offers group therapy for children whose parents are divorced. Tana is a fun and strong therapist who is passionate about helping children, teens and families.

Megan Sigmon-Olsen, MSW, LICSW, owner of Sentier Psychotherapy, says, “We are pleased to announce that Bridgett Brye has joined us as one of our therapists. She will host our Changing Families: Divorce Support Group for Children. She also enjoys working with families and believes that children have an important role to play in the family.

Bridgett Brye, MSW, LGSW holds a master’s degree from the University of St Thomas, MN. Brye is also currently pursuing his training as a Recorded Play Therapist (RPT).

Sentier Psychotherapy offers different types of counseling services. These include Child Therapy, Teen/Teen Therapy, Online Therapy, Adult Therapy, Family Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Group Counselling, Couples Counseling, Parent Counseling adolescents, animal-assisted therapy and counseling during pregnancy and postpartum. Those who want to know more about the clinic and their counseling services may want to follow Psychotherapy Trail on Facebook.

The clinic offers play therapy for children, ages birth to 12 years old. She is for children who are experiencing sadness, grief, anxiety, depression and other issues who will generally benefit from counseling. Play is used as a means by which the therapist may be able to engage with these children. Each weekly session lasts 50 minutes. Parenting sessions with and without the child can also be offered as part of the child’s therapeutic journey. Play therapy can be used to treat: depression, anxiety, social difficulties, bullying, divorced parents, academic decline, nightmares/disturbed sleep, physical illness, sexual abuse, trauma, sibling tension/stress, problem biting, separation anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing issues and many other life situations.

Adolescent counseling can help adolescents improve their overall functioning at home, within the family, at school, and with their peers and social environment. Common reasons for adolescent counseling include: the adolescent becoming more opposed and defiant towards parents; chemical dependence; teenage depression; school failure – drop in grades; insulation; struggles with peer relationships; anxiety; perfectionism; depression; questions about gender role and sexual identity; self-harming behaviors; increased sadness; stress management; social abilities; lack of meaningful relationships; trauma; addiction; teen pregnancy; medical/physical illness; and parental separation and divorce.

For many families, family therapy can be used to resolve certain issues within a family dynamic or relationship. Common reasons for family therapy include: aging, especially its effects on the family; the effects of addiction on the family; anger management/conflict resolution; the challenges of blended and blended families; caregiving issues; co-parenting, single parenting and visitation; cultural and multicultural issues; divorced; families of chronically mentally ill; family challenges with children with developmental variations or physical limitations; families with children and adolescents/adolescents and all the complexities related to parenthood; job loss or retirement; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) issues; life stage transitions – birth of a child, separation, divorce or remarriage; loss and grief; parent-child relationships throughout life; parenting for people with past trauma; single parent/adolescent conflict; stress caused by illness, disability or death; and more.

Those interested in the advice provided by Sentier Psychotherapy can visit their website or contact them by phone or email. People may also want to read their wellness newsletter, which contains various clinic information, therapist information, and blog posts.


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