Matt Smith Didn’t Escape His Dragon Waterfalls Home Unscathed


THR noted that they conducted their interview with Smith over the phone, as he headed for physical therapy, months after the season ended. He was strained not only emotionally and dramatically, but also physically. Turns out Smith suffered a serious disc injury to his neck during production after performing a stunt. “It’s f****** neck pain – literally, physically and metaphorically,” he said. Smith reportedly pushed through filming despite his pain, which likely exacerbated the injury sustained while filming in Portugal.

Smith certainly showed some physical stunts in the early episodes, but as things progress on “House of the Dragon,” it’s exciting to know there’s more action from her to come. We know from the GRRM books that Daemon is known to be one of the most experienced warriors of his time and that he wielded the Valyrian “Dark Sister” steel blade, which will be a major factor during the battle. ‘inevitable Dance of the Dragons*, which we probably won’t see for a few seasons. Here’s hoping his neck is healed by then, so he won’t have to risk hurting himself again trying to provide us with fantastic entertainment.

*If you haven’t read the books, don’t google unless you want spoilers.


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