Manitowoc County Mental Health Agency Expands to Sheboygan


An organization currently providing non-traditional mental health care in Whitelaw is expanding its services to Sheboygan County.

The Production Farm is a nonprofit mental and behavioral health services agency that currently primarily provides care for children under the age of 18 on a 10-acre farm in Manitowoc County.

Their new facility is a 100-year-old building that previously housed Sheboygan County Pentecostals from which they plan to expand care to all ages.

A press release issued by the organization detailed that the 17,000 square foot building is being renovated to turn it into a “flexible, community-focused space.”

621 Broadway, Sheboygan Falls

The facility plans to offer professional mental health services, such as psychotherapy, skills development and enhancement, relationship building, experiential learning, mental/behavioral health advocacy, and referral to more comprehensive service programs similar to what they offer in Manitowoc County at their Whitelaw Farm location.

The Sheboygan location will also house a community food pantry, clothing resources and a hygiene closet containing personal care items.

So far in 2022, The Production Farm says it has transported 942 young people to health and wellness programs while providing 3,229 hours of direct service.

More details about the care offered at Whitelaw Farm as well as their new Sheboygan County building can be found at


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