Looking for a way to beat back-to-school anxiety? Maybe it’s time to get creative


These imaginative exercises can help clinicians build a strong therapeutic alliance with nervous youth.

Back to school is a time of anxiety for many young patients (and their parents). How will they navigate their new classes? Will they get along with their teachers? Will they make friends? Their active imagination can invent a hundred scary scenarios.

But what if their brilliant imaginations could help them build their resilience instead? In this Minute on Mental Health, Victoria Harris, DPsych, MA, offers practical tips and techniques to help children overcome their fears through the power of their creativity.

Dr Harris is a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice who specializes in the use of creative techniques. She trained in child psychotherapy and play therapy and has researched the use of creative techniques in psychotherapy at the University of Dublin. she helped develop a wellness school program for grades 3 and 4 in Ireland for the charity A desire to live. His mid-level fantasy novel TO WISH Uses Metaphor to Help Kids Overcome Anxiety and Loss will be released on October 5, 2021. Dr. Harris strongly believes in early intervention and using creativity as a healing tool.

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