Letters to the Editor – October 3, 2021


Reopen the asylums
It is time to open the closed public mental hospitals (“Zombie land”, September 26).

When they were designed at the end of the 19th century, these hospitals were called “asylums” because they provided the mentally ill, mainly overcrowded urban cities, with refuge and support from the stressors of their daily lives.

We need these asylums more than ever.

Drug addicts, the homeless and the mentally ill must be taken off the streets and given not only a refuge from the vagaries of the city, but also treatment including drug rehab, medication management, psychotherapy and rehabilitation. Without “asylum”, these citizens are doomed.

Karen Giuliani, Massapequa

Navy sanction
It is scandalous and infuriating that Lt. Col. Stewart Scheller has been put in solitary confinement for having the courage to call out the weak and repulsive military leaders responsible for the debacle in Afghanistan (“Outspoken Marine throw in the brick” , Sep 29).

These clowns blamed the Commander-in-Chief for their failures, claiming they had no choice but to implement his foolish escape plan, which completely ignored all of their recommendations.

General Mark Milley thought it appropriate to usurp the authority of President Donald Trump, but said he had no choice but to follow orders in the matter.

General Frank McKenzie vaporized 10 innocent people, including seven children, and suffered no repercussions, while border officers were demonized and threatened for doing exactly what they were trained to do.

The corruption and incompetence that permeates the Biden administration is astonishing and poses an existential threat to America.

Thomas Urban, Wantagh

Adam’s potential
Eric Adams has the opportunity to be the greatest mayor in New York history if he crosses borders to rebuild the city (“DeB follows Adams’ lead,” Michael Goodwin, September 26).

Goodwin is right; Eric Adams “understands”. Adams’ prudent and practical solutions will get the job done: putting and keeping criminals in jail, cleaning the streets, and convincing people with financial resources that the city is a safe and decent place to live and do business are all. essential.

Jim Foley, Airmont

Unvaxed Rx Staff
I don’t understand why some healthcare workers refuse to be vaccinated against COVID (“Jabless & jobless”, September 29).

It certainly has to be the epitome of stupidity. How can a health worker logically or professionally refuse vaccination? Isn’t the promotion and preservation of health part of their main mission?

There is a very simple solution to their dilemma: find another job outside of the health profession.

Frank Brady, Yonkers

Royal nix welcome
Thank you for printing Kyle Smith’s scathing comment about California “tourists” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting the keys to the city (“NY pols fawn over tourists”, September 24).

Why do politicians think these two selfish fools deserve privileges or courtesies? This couple left their responsibilities and titles behind when they left England in self-imposed anger. They are useless and have no influence on the world except in their own mind.

Please, New York, stop escalating the madness that follows.

C. Muehlenpfort, San Diego

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