Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy lead a gritty new film


Just when we didn’t think we could get any more excited for movie announcements, the stars line up to give us a movie packed with stellar acting and a juicy plot. We know we’ve already predicted upcoming box office hits like Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads and Oppenheimer to get excited but hold the phone because this new movie rings true on our street. To a large extent, may we add.

The cyclists had already convinced us when we learned that Jeff Nichols, the American director behind Magnet and Mudwas leading but now the main cast has been announced and we can’t quite contain the excitement.

Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy and Austin Butler have been confirmed as the lead ensemble for the new film, which is a fictional story inspired by Danny Lyon’s photography and his 1967 book The cyclists.

Jodie Comer
Jodie Comer has joined the cast of The Bikeriders.

According Deadline, the film is an original story set in the 1960s and follows the rise of a fictional Midwestern motorcycle club. Seen through the lives of its members, the club evolves over the course of a decade from a gathering place for local outsiders to a more sinister gang, threatening the original group’s unique way of life.

It is understood Nichols has been setting up the project since the spring, when he put the script on the market and started scouting for talent. And it wasn’t long before some big names started reaching out to discuss his new project. Can we imagine Comer as a fierce woman in a motorcycle club? Easily. Besides being the fan-favorite Villanelle in Kill Evewe recently enjoyed Comer at the National Theater At first glancewhich was screened in some UK cinemas.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy also leads the ensemble cast of The Bikeriders, alongside Comer and Butler.

As for Butler, if his recent appearance in Baz Luhrmann’s box office biopic struck a chord Elvis is something to pass, we know he’s going to deliver a hell of a performance.

But it’s also Hardy’s involvement in The cyclists this will likely get a lot of attention, not least because he hasn’t been seen in a gritty movie role since his time as a well-known American mobster in the 2020s Al Capone. Of course, we were also delighted to learn that BBC One Taboo will finally be making their series return, but for now, we’ll remain excited to see the trio in – what we expect – will be an endearing hit in leather jackets from a movie.

Austin Butler
Austin Butler made waves in the new Elvis biopic film but has now joined the cast of The Bikeriders.

For now, details about The cyclists are kept secret. But what we do know is that the book it’s based on explores the stories and characters of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club first-hand. It is described as an “authentic, personal and uncompromising” reading, mainly due to Lyon’s portrayal of individuals on the margins of society, which offers a gritty (but humanistic) view that subverts the commercialized image of the America. Talk about intriguing, right?

We’re already excited about the movie, but we’ll of course let you know the release date, plot details, and other casting announcements once we know more.

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