Is depression the only reason people resort to suicide or consider suicide?


Not all suicides can be attributed to mental illness and according to data, only four in 10 deaths are due to depression. Rest can be due to various other reasons

New Delhi: Everyone feels let down sometimes, but for people with depression, it’s a whole different world.
There have been various studies to try to understand how a depressed mind works. And all infer that people who have suffered from mental health problems for a long time consider suicide at some point.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people worldwide, with mental illness being the leading cause. According to psychologists, people who feel suicidal are overwhelmed by painful emotions and see death as the only way out.

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For them, suicide is a permanent solution to their temporary condition.

“There is this pervasive feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness that leads to the firm belief that things never get better and they lack the resources or the ability to do so, which causes the person to end their life. his misery by taking these impulsive actions of ending his life as a solution,” said Dr. Preeti Singh, Senior Consultant, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Chief Medical Officer at Lissun.

Suicidal thoughts can flee

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Experts believe that thoughts about killing yourself can be fleeting or passive and should be seriously considered. Many people who think about committing the act may suddenly change their behavior and attitude towards the situation. A sudden upsurge in spirits can surely be a warning sign that they have planned to kill themselves.

Dr. Singh believes that in most cases, people who die by suicide could have been helped or convinced otherwise. When the risk is high, concerned friends and relatives should help by seeking professional counseling and therapies.

Although suicide is always difficult to predict, there are a few possible warning signs to look out for:

  • Being depressed or suffering from other mental health conditions
  • giving the signs of “not wanting to be there”
  • Social isolation
  • Changes in appearance and hygiene
  • Donate property
  • Severe mood swings

Is thinking about suicide a mental health issue?

“No, not all suicides can be attributed to mental illness,” Dr Singh said, adding that according to the data, only four in 10 deaths are due to mental illness. The rest can be due to various other reasons like

  • Financial loss or bankruptcy
  • Chronic diseases
  • Domestic violence
  • Unemployment
  • Marital problems
  • Death of a loved one
  • Failing exams
  • Performance pressure
  • Incapacity
  • High impulsivity
  • Radiation drugs or alcohol

Misconceptions about suicide

Here are some misconceptions and misinterpretations people have about those who show signs of committing suicide

People who talk about it rarely do

Psychologists believe that people who talk about it are actually asking for help and only letting you know because they want you to comfort them.

People who want to kill themselves are beyond help

This is never the case because suicidal impulses can be intense but are very short lived and the majority of those who are suicidal can recover from treatment.

Suicide is a personal decision

It cannot be solely a personal decision because, in addition to the person concerned, suicide also concerns those close to him.

If you ask about suicide, you may just be putting the idea in someone’s mind

Studies have proven that if you ask someone who is contemplating suicide, they feel relieved and supported. Suicidal people are always engaged in struggles with thoughts of death, and talking about the possibility of suicide can ease their loneliness.

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