How healing with spirituality affects your mental well-being


Spiritual healing is an ancient concept that has its followers with the Bible. However, in recent years, spiritual healing has enjoyed immense popularity in various parts and corners of the world. Spiritual healers believe that the therapeutic effect results from channeling healing “energy” from a purported source through the healer to the patient. The central affirmation of healers is that they promote or facilitate self-healing in the patient and inspire a warm and positive light upon his mention. It also gives a feeling of relaxation and lightness, as if everything in life is going well and the trials are finally over. However, the feeling it inspires is not necessarily true or applicable in the practical process of healing.

In fact, the healing process is often confusing and difficult. Sometimes it can even feel like the world is falling apart. In such circumstances, it is easy to become desperate and want to give up. However, it must be remembered that sometimes the world as we know it has to come apart to expand our horizons and present us with a new, bigger and better world. And to be a part of that improved horizon, we have to go through a difficult journey.

Some of the methods that can be used to heal your energy are listed as follows:

Psychological therapy

It is about bringing out repressed emotions and negative energies through dialogue. Sometimes emotions and energies that are not processed appropriately become part of a person’s mind and body. These repressed feelings, if left untreated, can manifest as physical and mental problems. Through open dialogue in psychological therapy, these feelings can be brought to light and brought to light. Once released, all physical and mental issues created by these negative emotions / energies heal independently.


Almost everyone has their personalized meaning associated with the word spirituality. In a broader sense, it means to be connected to the human mind. The path to spirituality is tedious and long, but once found it can lead to drastic changes in mental health. Spirituality enables a person to feel a sense of purpose, hope and faith which has massive impacts on the alleviation of anxiety and depression which are often characterized by the absence of these. feelings. It can also significantly contribute to improving a person’s self-image and self-confidence.


Mindfulness refers to being fully present, physically and mentally, in the present moment. As simple as it sounds, it is actually quite a difficult task for most people in these stressful times. Mindfulness, by focusing our full attention on just being in the present, saves us a lot of stress and anxiety. With the reduction in stress and anxiety levels, the physical and mental health of an individual improves.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are among the oldest and most popular ways to achieve peace and well-being. By making everyone present in their body and mind, yoga and meditation help promote mindfulness. Additionally, most yoga and meditation practices involve breathing work which can help refresh the mind and relieve stress and tension. The benefits of these practices are endless and include better sleep, a calmer demeanor, and reduced measures of mental illness.

Pranic Healing offers a specialized technique called pranic psychotherapy to treat mental and emotional health. It is based on the premise that psychological disorders are essentially the result of the accumulation of negative thoughts, emotions and traumatic experiences, which are lodged in auras and chakras. Pranic psychotherapy offers the tools to quickly and safely release these crippling energy patterns. The result will be peaceful emotions, harmonious relationships, positive thought patterns, and good self-esteem.

Pranic psychotherapy gives knowledge and tools to deal with mental and emotional issues such as stress, depression, phobia and anger. It teaches how to cleanse and heal the chakras (i.e. the energy centers of the body), purge negative thoughts and repair aura cracks.

(Writer is a Certified Pranic Healer and Trainer, Founder of Ojas)


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