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Anorexia nervosa is a very common type of eating disorder. The main feature of the disease consists of self-restrictive eating behaviors, causing sufferers to follow drastic diets in order to lose weight. Anorexia involves a phobia of being fat, and those affected by the condition develop food obsessions. Although the actual causes of anorexia are unclear, it seems that the disease has a pronounced psychological character. Anorexia occurs at the scene of emotional distress and mental instability and the majority of those affected have low self-esteem and poor self-image.

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While anorexics may initially follow only strict diets, over time they may also engage in acts of self-starvation. People who suffer from anorexia also exercise a lot in an attempt to shed extra pounds. Over time, anorexics become obsessed with food and diet, and eventually develop an altered perception of their physical appearance. No matter how much weight they may lose, anorexics are never satisfied with their accomplishments, continually trying to get thinner.

There are many hypotheses regarding the real reasons why anorexics consistently engage in unusual eating behaviors. Medical scientists believe that people affected by anorexia are actually trying to respect themselves through their actions. It is believed that strict diets and excessive physical exercise are ways for people with anorexia to try to maintain control over their lives. Anorexia usually affects maladjusted people, and psychologists believe that anorexics engage in restrictive behaviors in order to prove to themselves and others that they are truly in control of their bodies and their lives.

People affected by anorexia adopt similar behavioral patterns. At first, anorexics follow very strict diets and exercise a lot in an attempt to lose weight. Later, anorexics become so obsessed with food and the idea of ​​being fat that they may even indulge in acts of self-starvation. They become depressed and isolate themselves from the outside world, developing inferiority complexes. As the disorder progresses, anorexics cannot think of anything but food, dieting, and their caloric intake. They may even have obsessive dreams of being fat and repulsive.
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As the disorder progresses, anorexics become increasingly depressed and their perceptions are significantly altered. In the advanced stages of the disease, many sufferers lose their sense of reason and become victims of their own actions. It is very important to understand that anorexics cannot overcome the disorder on their own. People affected by anorexia need all the help and support they can get! People with anorexia often need to attend psychiatric programs that can help them face their fears and fight their addictions.

Psychiatric therapy is not about convincing anorexics that their behavior is wrong; the goal of therapy is to explore the real causes of their extreme behavioral acts and to encourage them to overcome their addictions.


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