‘Green Smoothie Girl’ admits to not having a doctorate.


SALT LAKE CITY — Robyn Openshaw, also known as the “Green Smoothie Girl,” has deleted her Twitter account and admitted she doesn’t have a doctorate. after a FOX 13 News investigation released Thursday revealed that she misstated her credentials.

Openshaw had used those credentials to sell health products, speeches and an anti-vax message across the United States, most recently at a series of events in Florida.

When asked to explain the discrepancies, Openshaw declined the opportunity to verify their qualifications.

On April 20, 2022, she said she would need “five days” to provide documents to prove her claims. These claims have been contradicted by the University of Utah, Utah Department of Human Services, Utah State Hospital, Utah Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) and the Utah Division of Occupational and Occupational Licensing (DOPL).

Openshaw, who says she still hasn’t watched the FOX 13 News story, wrote a lengthy post on her public Facebook page on Saturday in response.

“I have NEVER used credentials to sell anything. Already. I never called myself Dr or asked anyone else,” she wrote. “I didn’t go to fight for the piece of paper.”

Openshaw’s promotional material for the tour, which advertises itself as a speaker, clearly states “PhD” behind her name.

The University of Utah confirmed that Openshaw has a master’s degree in social work, but does not have a doctorate. of the University.

She continues to list the doctorate on her public Facebook page.

Openshaw, who lived in Park City, said she moved her “eight-figure business” to Florida due to her disapproval of COVID-19 restrictions implemented by cabal-controlled “Governor” Cox. Utah”.

She now refers to Utah as a “socialist” state.

While speaking with FOX 13 News, Openshaw repeatedly bragged about her background as a psychologist.

“Over a quarter of a century ago, I was working at Utah State Hospital, when I had to get a flu shot and found myself injured and bedridden for four years” , she said.

The Utah Department of Social Services has confirmed that it has no record of Openshaw having ever worked as an employee at Utah State Hospital or any other state facility.

The Utah Occupational and Professional Licensing Division also confirmed that Openshaw had never been professionally licensed as a psychologist or therapist in Utah.

Openshaw’s supposed career as a psychotherapist is still advertised on the front page of her Green Smoothie Girl website, and she continues to champion that part of her story.


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