Georgia lawmakers introduce bipartisan bill that would create psychedelic study committee


Georgia lawmakers have tabled a resolution calling for the formation of a House study committee to investigate the therapeutic potential of psychedelics like psilocybin and make recommendations for reforms, reported Marijuana time.

the resolutionco-sponsored by House Appropriations Public Safety Subcommittee Chairman Bill Hitchens (R)and Representative Heath Clark (R)who chairs the House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committeewith Rep. Josh Bonner (D), Representative Brian Prince (D) and Rep. Al Williams (D)was filed on March 3.

The text acknowledges that “Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is very common among veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)” and discusses the need for effective treatments for Major Depressive Disorder and Post Stress Disorder. – trauma among veterans.

Lawmakers Explained Georgia Emory Healthcare Veterans Program (EHVP) has “experience in both veteran and psychedelic treatment, and studies show substantial evidence supporting psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of depressive disorders”.

Additionally, the resolution points out that EHVP research indicates that psilocybin therapy can enhance sobriety-focused psychotherapy for addiction.

The House Study Committee on Alternative Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Resources for Veterans will be comprised of the Chair of the House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee; two members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, one of whom is designated as chairman of the committee and two members of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
The measure has been referred to the House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee, but has not yet been scheduled for a hearing.

picture by Han Phoenix to Unsplash.


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