Fundraising Programs at Winnebago County Justice Center


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – According to city leaders, violent crime has increased 5% since 20-20. That’s why State Representative Cheri Bustos is announcing a multi-million dollar grant to the Winnebago County Justice Department center to help cut rates.

On Wednesday, Bustos announced an interim grant of $ 1.2 million to fund certain programs of the Winnebago County Justice Department. Of the $ 1.2 million that the Winnebago County Justice Department could receive, approximately 750,000 will go to the Rockford Resource Response Center.

“This will offer interviews with partners, abuse intervention programs, as well as reflection for change which is cognitive behavioral therapy,” said Marlana Dokken, director of the office of the president of criminal justice.

Debbie Jarvis is the Director of Judicial Services for the 17th Judicial Circuit. She says that the RIC wants to invest this money in three programs: one being the Thinking 4 Change program.

Jarvis says it “will help people with their thought patterns and thinking errors that could lead to further criminal behavior.” So we try to change these thoughts to lead to different behavior.

The money will also allow Winnebago County to focus on ongoing incarceration projects, such as improving security measures at its juvenile detention centers.

“This would be aimed at eliminating rape in prison, so what we are doing is trying to make sure that our facility is top notch and that we are as safe as possible for these young people,” Jarvis said.

The rest of the money will be used to finance the fight against firearms trafficking, while developing intervention programs against gangs. They will work with the Northern Illinois District Safe Neighborhoods Task Force for this portion of the funding.

The full plan is available here

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