Facebook restores Christian ministries pages after they were deleted

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Facebook has now restored Christian ministries pages which it says were ‘incorrectly removed’ from its platform amid a purge of content that offers ‘services that seek to change sexual orientation or identity. kind of people”.

The leader of Help 4 Families, a Christian ministry and its sister organization called Living Stone Ministries, which aims to help individuals and families seeking to live according to Christian sexual ethics, said Facebook had removed the organizations’ pages from its platform at the request of LGBT activists.

Denise Shick, director of Help 4 Families and Living Stone Ministries, which Facebook recently took down, said in an email to the Christian Post on Monday that the pages were taken down after a report by the Global No Hate Project was published. and extremism. who has compiled a list of groups and organizations that care for and counsel people struggling with unwanted sexual attractions or gender confusion. GPAHE lobbied for social media giants like Facebook to ban these organizations – many of which are Christian – from its platform.

Although the GPAHE report acknowledged that the two Christian ministries create “safe places for individuals and families to openly share their grief and pain about homosexuality” and transgenderism, they were still deemed too controversial to stay on. platform, Shick told CP.

The GPAHE report argues that views embraced and promoted by these ministries and other groups, such as so-called “conversion therapy”, which the United Nations says amounts to “torture” and ” flagrant violation of rights”.

From February 2 to February 8, Shick was unable to access his account and his pages were deleted without notification.

Eleven years of photos are now gone, she lamented to CP after the departments pages were deleted.

“If we provide ‘safe places’ to ‘share openly’, how hateful or extremist is that? she asked. “We offer people the opportunity to share their struggles without condemnation. This is the definition of love and acceptance.

Shick is the daughter of a man who told her when she was 9 that he wanted to be a woman.

“It implies that what my father believed to be true was true for him. But my father said he wanted to be a woman. The word “believe” means “to consider as true”. The word want, on the other hand, means “to have a strong desire to”. My father didn’t believe he was a woman. He knew he was a man, but he wanted to be a woman. That desire became an obsession, and that obsession caused a lot of pain for him and his family,” she explained.

The social media giant no longer believes in the right to free speech without censorship, Shick said. His ministries updated their followers and readers via email on the latest developments and also moved their online social media communications to MeWe.

“For over 200 years, people in the United States were free to hold different beliefs and talk about them without censorship,” Shick added, noting that this has changed thanks to the efforts of LGBT activists.

“Our voices need to be heard by reaching out to our congressmen and senators,” she added.

Following two requests from CP, on Tuesday evening, a Facebook employee with knowledge of the matter said that Shick’s pages had been “incorrectly deleted and [have] been restored.”

Shick confirmed Tuesday evening that the two Facebook pages had been restored.

CP was informed earlier that Facebook prohibits pages containing the following:

  • Our policies prohibit content that explicitly provides or offers to provide products or services that seek to change people’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • According to our policies, this includes products or services intended to change an individual’s sexual orientation; or changing a person’s gender identity from questioning or transgender to cisgender (i.e. matching their gender identity to their assigned sex). Some examples include: Providing or offering to provide products to provide or facilitate conversion therapy (eg, books, apps, audiobooks, etc.). Provide or offer to provide services to provide or facilitate conversion therapy (eg, talk therapy, conversion ministries, clinical therapy, etc.).

In October 2020, Facebook, which has since been officially renamed Meta, removed without explanation the page for Restored Hope Network, a network of para-church organizations offering therapy options and pastoral counseling resources for those wishing to exit the mode. LGBT lifestyle and follow their beliefs about sexual ethics.

Anne Paulk, executive director of RHN, said at the time that the tech giant’s decision was an example of point of view discrimination.

“Their dismissive action – canceling our page as if it never existed, leaving a vague ‘link may be broken’ message in its place – is disgraceful. Not even granting us the courtesy of a notification, a chance to offering our highly politicized version of the story is inadmissible.

She added in a follow-up interview Monday that tech giants silence voices they disagree with, no matter how reasonable or compassionate those voices are.

“Truthful content is removed outside of their area of ​​approval — outside of LGBT talking points,” Paulk said.

“It is only a matter of time before censors are also censored. This tendency to silence opinions leads directly to totalitarianism, control of speech and the criminalization of unpopular speech of any kind. it takes courage to counter those demands, to resist the cancel culture, to speak out under pressure and with results no one likes.At Restored Hope Network, we will continue to speak the truth with kindness.

RHN’s removal from Facebook came on the heels of books by Paulk and other previously LGBT-identifying authors whose work was removed from online retail giant Amazon in 2019. The Latest Big Cleanup Tech seems to be more of a deliberate and thorough effort to weed out and weed out all perspectives that adhere to historical and theologically orthodox norms on issues of gender and sexuality.

“Tech companies say they have taken steps to ban harmful content related to conversion therapy. But they need to do more, especially in languages ​​other than English,” Wendy Via said last month. president and co-founder of GPAHE, according to Forbes. .

Via, who is also a co-author of the report, went on to say that until online searches “lead people to authoritative and trustworthy information about the dangers of conversion therapy, tech companies are complicit in spreading anti-LGBTQ hatred.”

“This misinformation causes mental and physical harm to individuals and compounds societal harm.”

Some of the departments that have since been dismantled have managed to evade detection by Facebook’s algorithms due to the language used in their documents. But that doesn’t stop GPAHE’s efforts to remove them.

“Too much harmful misinformation is creeping in, especially in languages ​​other than English,” Via said.

Stephen Black, who runs First Stone Ministries in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and who was previously banned from using the platform and believes he is still shadowbanned, told CP in an interview on Monday that the tactics Big Tech’s censorship are as powerful as they have been. ever been, and they’re not limited to Facebook.

“The level of aggression against free speech, choice, and self-determination is at a fury of aggression like at no other time in recent US history. I have personally been banned from the shadow, restricted for many weeks and deleted from social media at various times over the past five years,” Black said.

“This secular humanist faith demands censorship of sincere Christians who believe in a choice to change and repent of sexual sin. Locally here in Oklahoma City, we have gay activists who have called for the burning of churches that don’t affirm LGBTQ+ behavior as Ordinary.”

Black shared with CP a screenshot of a now-deleted Facebook post from Free Mom Hugs activist Sara Cunningham promoting an upcoming Lifetime documentary about her story, saying she hopes one of the effects of the film will be “to burn the mainstream the doors of conservative non-affirming evangelical churches CLOSED. To the ground.

“Facebook and other social media are used widely and unfettered to promote LGBTQ+ activists’ actual hate messages and even calls for violence, while the gospel of Jesus Christ and His love is called hate speech” , Black said.

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