Everything Tammy has to do to get her life back


Tammy Slaton lost over 100 pounds in the Season 3 finale of 1000 Pound Sisters. Tammy needs to do more work if she wants her life back.

Tammy Slaton is just starting to make progress on her weight loss journey by 1000 pound sisters season 3, but if the TV personality hopes to regain her health once and for all, Tammy needs to do more than lose 100 pounds. Tammy’s supporters and family members have effectively lost hope in the reality TV star’s ability to recover from her dangerous physical condition as she failed to lose enough weight to qualify for surgery. bariatric throughout his race to 1000 pound sisters. From taking her sanity seriously to avoiding unhealthy distractions, here’s everything Tammy Slaton needs to do to get her life back.


After her most trying season to date, Tammy’s brother Chris Combs announced that Tammy had lost 100 pounds in the hospital at the end of 1000 pound sisters season 3. Sadly, it took Tammy to be in a coma to lose the weight she’s been asked to push back since her reality TV debut in 2020. While fans are relieved and, frankly, shocked that Tammy has made progress in her weight loss goals, viewers are still unsure if Tammy has what it takes to fully resume her life after returning from the hospital.

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Throughout his last years at 1000 pound sistersTammy has demonstrated a handful of behaviors that are preventing her from making progress in her weight loss effort. Besides failing to follow obvious instructions like abstaining from unhealthy foods and exercising regularly, Tammy Slaton has not committed to working on her mental health and has effectively distanced herself from her support system. . From maintaining her weight loss momentum to repairing her relationships with her siblings, here’s everything Tammy Slaton needs to do to get her life back.

Tammy must take her health seriously to get her life back

Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

The first thing Tammy needs to do if she wants to change the course of her life is take her health seriously. Unfortunately, Tammy has a habit of downplaying the seriousness of her situation from time to time. 1000 pound sisters which might ease the reality TV star’s concerns but doesn’t help Tammy’s physical well-being. During her time on the reality series, Tammy suffered from a handful of life-threatening conditions due to her weight. In 1000 pound sisters season 2, Tammy Slaton contracted COVID-19, which resulted in the star developing pneumonia. When Tammy was finally released from the hospital, she relied on a breathing tube to oxygenate her lungs. Despite her weak lungs, Tammy continued to vape while relying on the oxygen tube. This demonstrated that Tammy denied her grim reality.

In 1000 pound sisters season 3, Tammy continued to say that she didn’t care about improving her health even when she was in a rehab facility. After years of delaying her health ambitions, fans called for Tammy to check into a rehab facility. Tammy disappointed her followers when she left rehab before reaching her 100-pound weight loss goal in the 1000 pound sisters Season 3 premiere. Tammy recently confirmed that she still struggles to accept that she needs help on social media, where she downplayed the seriousness of her tracheotomy. Tammy Slaton claims her last medical procedure and time in rehab are unimportant, but fans fear that casual attitude will help the star stay motivated once she’s released. Tammy needs to be realistic about the challenges she faces if she wants to conquer her weight loss journey for good.

Tammy needs therapy to get her life back

Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

While Tammy has to commit to the diet and exercise routines, she is so far shunned in 1000 pound sisters, improving her fitness is only part of the battle to get Tammy back on her life. Tammy’s doctors have insisted that the other half of the reality TV star’s recovery depends on the work Tammy does in therapy. Even if Tammy were to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery and continue to lose hundreds of pounds after bariatric surgery, Tammy Slaton’s health would not be guaranteed. While her weight is the most pressing threat to her well-being, the root of Tammy’s critical condition is her emotional trauma. Tammy and her siblings developed food addictions as children. Although the direct cause of their addiction is unclear, Tammy shared that her mother was never around when she was growing up, which left Tammy to fend for herself.

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If Tammy has bariatric surgery but fails to deal with the cause of her food addiction, she would gain back all the weight she worked to lose. Tammy’s weight loss doctors claimed that if the 1000 pound sisters still wants to lead a healthy life, she has to fight her emotional troubles in therapy. Unfortunately, Tammy has a history of unsuccessful therapy sessions. In 1000 pound sisters seasons 1 and 2, Tammy and Amy Slaton went on joint therapy appointments, which usually turned into unproductive feuds between the sisters. In Season 3, Tammy was lucky enough to have a one-on-one with her own therapist. Unfortunately, Tammy was reluctant to open up to the doctor. By refraining from being emotionally vulnerable with her therapist, Tammy is holding herself back from making progress. Tammy needs to open up in therapy if she wants her life back.

Tammy must avoid distractions to get her life back

Tammy Slaton laughs in 1000-lb Sisters

A common complaint fans have with Tammy is her habit of shelving her weight loss goals. Although Tammy was on the verge of losing her life throughout her time at 1000 pound sisters, the reality star often got distracted with reckless behavior that hampered her fitness progress. In 1000 pound sisters in seasons 2 and 3, for example, Tammy Slaton embarked on romantic relationships with men who encouraged the reality TV star’s poor eating habits. While dating her exes, Tammy lost her focus and regained the weight she lost in rehab. Also, Tammy parties with her friends on the weekends at 1000 pound sisters season 3. Tammy drank alcohol and ate unhealthy foods with her friends despite her dire condition. While viewers can sympathize with Tammy’s desire to live a normal life, partying takes Tammy away from her weight loss goals.

Tammy needs to be a better sister to get her life back

Amy and Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

Finally, Tammy Slaton needs to be a better sister to get her life back. It’s essential that anyone recovering from a food addiction and fighting an uphill battle to lose hundreds of pounds has a strong support system to help them along. Luckily, Tammy Slaton has a handful of siblings who are dedicated to making sure the reality TV star is poised for success. From Amy inviting Tammy to live with her to Chris promising to be his sister’s weight loss buddy in Season 2, Tammy’s siblings have done their best to support her. Unfortunately, Tammy regularly fights with her siblings instead of accepting their help and nearly ruined her relationship with Amy by 1000 pound sisters season 3. Tammy needs to be a better sister to get her life back and accept the support of her siblings so she can thrive in her quest to lose weight.

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