Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Highlights Role of Mental Health Facilities in Treating Inpatients with Depression


Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, a Sun City, AZ-based behavioral health care provider with locations in Surprise, AZ, posted a blog post explaining the role of mental health facilities in treating inpatients for the depression. It is important to note that depression is currently the most common mental health problem in the world. This can lead to serious physical and mental changes in the affected person and can also contribute to thinking about suicide and suicide attempts. Hospital care has been observed to be an important method of treating depression.

A spokesperson for Emerald Isle Health & Recovery said, “Medication and psychotherapy are the two first-line treatments for depression. Some people with severe depression start treatment with a hospital stay. If this is true for you, you will likely follow up with outpatient or inpatient mental health facilities for depression. You can also start your treatment at these types of facilities. Inpatient care is the gold standard for the treatment of severe depression. What are the differences between this approach and ambulatory care? The biggest difference is the frame.

It is important to note that depression is not a single illness, but rather an umbrella term for a group of mental health issues called depressive disorders. What is commonly referred to as depression is actually major depression, which is a serious illness that can easily disrupt the patient’s normal ability to function. Other depressive disorders include dysthymia or persistent depressive disorder; SAD or seasonal affective disorder; and post-pregnancy disease or postpartum depression.

Meanwhile, dual diagnosis is a term for having two health issues combined. It means having an addiction disorder in combination with a mental disorder. It is estimated that at least nine million people in the United States have a dual diagnosis, and many cases go unreported and untreated. This is why Emerald Isle Health & Recovery also offers dual diagnosis therapy at its facilities. They offer services that take into account both mental health issues and addiction issues. This is vital because if the mental health issue is not resolved it will be very difficult for the patient to stay sober. And leaving the substance use disorder untreated can make it harder to control a patient’s mental health issues. Dual-diagnostic treatment is provided in two stages: supervised detox, then enrollment in an inpatient treatment program.

Detoxification in a hospital setting is recommended because the withdrawal symptoms can not only be uncomfortable, but they can also endanger the patient’s life. Supervised detoxification is necessary to protect the health of the patient in all kinds of situations. An outpatient detoxification treatment is sometimes possible, but this is not the case for patients with a dual diagnosis. Inpatient detox programs are recommended for dual diagnosis patients because these programs: can meet the patient’s medical needs anytime, 24 hours a day; provide the fastest possible help to the patient in an emergency; and provide a stable environment 24/7. Meanwhile, Emerald Isle Health & Recovery has long-term dual diagnosis treatment centers in Surprise, Arizona.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery was created with the goal of improving access to treatment and recovery for all. They do this by constantly creating and innovating new treatment approaches while integrating services for mental health disorders and addiction. Their creative approach to evidence-based, individualized treatment focuses on all aspects of personal care by providing comprehensive medical and clinical care to patients to help them achieve long-term, sustainable recovery. The location of their facilities has been carefully chosen to ensure that patients have a high level of privacy and that they can stay away from things, places and people that may trigger their condition.

Those looking for mental health facilities in Surprise Arizona can visit the Emerald Isle Health & Recovery website or contact them by phone.


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