Charges against Kearney’s man who allegedly attacked his former probation officer | Local news


– Attend the sobriety prevention support group at least once a week.

– Comprehensive courses on Family Ties, Money Management, Social Network Building, Employment Services, Parenthood, Workforce Services and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

– Complete the community intervention program, which includes treatment at the recommended level of care, cognitive groups, reporting center activities and a curfew set by probation.

– Serve 180 days in prison gradually only on the recommendation of probation and on court order.

Records show that an immediate 72-hour jail sentence could have been imposed had Smith tested positive for drugs, had not been tested, or had broken curfew. The records are not clear if there has already been a violation.

On October 18, 2016, Smith’s probation agreement was amended to remove the dialectical behavior therapy requirement from the probation order. Records indicate that the reason for the change was “the defendant was not suitable for DBT therefore unable to complete”.

The order was signed by then-Smith’s probation officer, the alleged victim of Saturday’s kidnapping, robbery and assault.

On November 20, 2017, Justice Wright released Smith from early probation. Wright’s order read: “The court has been advised by the defendant’s supervising probation officer that the defendant has satisfactorily fulfilled the conditions of his probation for the duration of the probation.”


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