Centerstone helps new parents


Prospective and new parents may need additional resources and Centerstone Early Childhood Services is looking to help them.

Centerstone offers a collection of grant-funded services designed specifically for pregnant women, families with young children, and anyone planning to get pregnant. These services are provided primarily at home by dedicated professionals with the goal of strengthening families physically, mentally and emotionally.

“We offer a wide variety of services,” said Lindsey Lynn, a community health worker with Centerstone. “We try to publicize everything we offer. Parents just have to register.

The following specialist services are available through Centerstone Early Childhood Services:

• Parenting Coaching: Learn activities that stimulate baby’s brain development and strengthen the child / parent relationship to help children succeed in school and improve their social skills.

• Tobacco Free Program: Help families quit smoking and earn free incentives such as diapers.

• Prenatal / postpartum therapy: screening and therapy for “Baby Blues” for mother and family

• Stress management. Get support and activities to cope with healthy times.

• Integrated health and wellness: Get help managing your family’s physical and mental health needs.

• Paternity Pledge: Dads learn to bond better with their children.

• Child-parent psychotherapy

• Baby Bumps: Virtual group for pregnant women.

Centerstone also offers services for children, adolescents, adults, seniors and their families. More information about the organization can be found on its website:


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