CB therapist advises ‘spring cleaning’ of your mental health


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (KMTV) — There is a lot of suffering in the world, such as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis and the coronavirus pandemic. But with spring comes renewal and rebirth.

“Spring is our natural cycle, or season of renewal and regrowth, and we see the leaves of the tree turn green and the grass grow. So it’s a good time to open our homes, air our windows, open our minds,” said Deb Tuttle, psychotherapist at CHI Health Mercy Council Bluffs.

Tuttle wants to emphasize the importance of “spring cleaning” for your home and your mind.

“A lot of people have let their mental health and their physical health be ignored, and again, it’s really important that we address these issues as they arise. That way they don’t really become chronic. and much more difficult to manage,” says Tuttle.

Decluttering your surroundings, taking walks, and reveling in nature are all important for self-care.

“Doing some of these activities is really helpful, with spring here and the weather improving, getting out, taking walks, re-engaging in nature, spending time there, learning to be mindful and meditate” , Tuttle said.

It’s understandable that “sunnier” days are ahead, but change won’t happen overnight, and real progress comes in small steps. Tuttle believes that all are essential to finding the light in the dark.

“Whether it’s opening your front door and letting in some fresh air or texting that friend you haven’t spoken to in six months and you want to reconnect, these small steps will help improve feelings of hopelessness and find hope in the little everyday moments,” Tuttle said.

If you need care beyond the support of friends and family, please call (402) 717-HOPE (4673).

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