Can childhood dreams come true?


When Keesha Clark was young, for example, the 34-year-old social worker and founder of Born Black Nails had a fairly common career dream: she wanted to be president. Lying on her bed in her childhood home in Brooklyn, New York, Clark’s fantasies centered not only on what her life would be like, but also what she would be able to do with work. “There I was, the first black female president sitting in the Oval Office, answering calls, signing policies, creating world peace,” she recalls. “I envisioned images of my heroes – MLK, Shirley Chisholm and Angela Davis – proudly perched along the walls, and the Spice Girls scrambling in the background as I signed the groundbreaking legislation.” Clark wanted to make real change and dreamed of “the world I wanted to see”. Although Clark was never able to become president, she still found ways to make a difference. She has been extremely involved in Black Lives Matter, as an organizer and educator. She is a leader in her community, acting as an advocate for black maternal health and as a therapist. “It’s a fulfilling job, and although my dreams don’t look like they used to be, I believe my values ​​have stayed the same,” says Clark. “I don’t want to be president now, but I’ve found there are other ways to make a difference. ”


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