“Black Ink Crew: Chicago”: 9Mag’s Ryan Henry takes sabbatical for therapy


There is something about dramatic reality shows with minor fights and misconceptions that are quite immature but almost impossible to stop watching since we are already so invested in the lives of the stars, as an audience. It’s safe to say that “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” is a classic example for such shows. In the recent episode that aired on November 15, 2021, 9Mag tattoo store owner Ryan Henry takes a step back to focus on what is really important in life.

The reality show sheds light on the day-to-day operations of the team at 9Mag Tattoo Shop, as they overcome the challenges they face in the industry. The real competition seems to be between the crew members themselves, via dramatic outings, fallout and mutual denigration. Does it get better than that?


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Recent events on the reality show have had issues between team members, miscommunication, disparagement and backstabbing. As a team leader, it’s understood that Ryan’s job is to run both his tattoo shop and his coworkers, but things seem to get out of hand and out of hand.

With Charmaine’s personal issues with Kitty, Draya, and Prince and vice versa, their attitude in general, and the lack of understanding among the coworkers themselves, Ryan was on edge in the episode.

Soon after, he talks to Don about making time for himself and focusing only on the therapy sessions and his well-being. Considering Ryan’s past, he hasn’t handled complicated situations to the best of his potential and with the responsibilities that come with being a team leader, he doesn’t intend to ruin everything any more. .

Having said that, Don and Phor totally support Ryan’s decision and also think he’s right to make a call as such. They assure him that everything will be taken care of and that Ryan will be able to have his “time for me” for anyone who deems it necessary.

That said, I hope things change for the better without Ryan in the picture, having to watch the behavior of women towards each other.

How long will Ryan be away? When will he be back on the show? Who will take his place as leader until he is ready to return? Looks like we have to stay tuned to see how this one plays out!

Stay tuned for new episodes of Season 7 of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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