Arribas Brothers, Raglan Road, San Angel Inn, Frontera Cocina, and other Walt Disney World businesses have asked for millions of dollars in PPP loans


In addition to Restaurant Marrakech in the Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT, a number of other locations at Walt Disney World including San Angel Inn at Mexico Pavilion, also at EPCOT, as well as Arribas Brothers, Raglan Road, Frontera Cocina, located in Disney Springs have applied Paycheque Protection Program, or PPP loans in light of closures and impacts related to COVID-19 on each site.

Loans can now be viewed in the ProPublica journal “Coronavirus Bailouts”, including totals of retained jobs and loan amount. You can view the loan file for each company or LLC by clicking on the headers for each location:

Arribas Brothers (Various places)

San Angel Inn (Flag of Mexico – EPCOT)

Cafe Rix (Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort)

Georges wine bar (Disney sources)

Raglan Road (Disney sources)

Frontera Cocina (Disney sources)

The Paycheque Protection Program is a loan designed to directly incent small businesses to keep their employees on the payroll. These PPP loans were approved shortly after the wave of closures, throughout April, and many of these sites have managed to reopen to some capacity with the gradual reopening. All of these locations operate independently of Disney.

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