5 Best Psychiatrists in Portland, OR


Below is a list of the best psychiatrists in Portland. To help you find the best Psychiatrists located near you in Portland, we have compiled our own list based on this rating point list.

Portland’s Top Psychiatrists:

The top rated Psychiatrists in Portland, OR are:

  • Laurence Eckman, PMHNP, LCSW – provides diagnosis, advice and treatment
  • Sunstone Psychiatric LLC – is a behavioral and mental health clinic
  • Well Coast Medical Corporation – are trained to deal with mental health issues
  • Sandra J. Krussel DO – offers psychotherapy with medication if needed
  • integrative spirit – provides an effective, evidence-based and individualized level of care

Laurence Eckman, PMHNP, LCSWPsychiatrists in Portland

Laurence Eckman, PMHNP, LCSW provides diagnosis, counseling and treatment for ADHD, ADD, anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders in Portland, Oregon. Because he is both a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and a licensed clinical social worker, he is trained to work on the psychological and physiological aspects of healing from wounds and emotional disorders. Whether you choose treatment with psychotherapy, medication or both, he is ready to help you decide what is best for you. If the meds are right, his motto is to start low and go slow.

He believes that sometimes less is more and together his team and the person he works with work together to find a drug that works well and gives optimal results.


Medication Management, Individual Psychotherapy, Marriage and Marriage Counseling


Address: 12 SE 14th Ave #101, Portland, OR 97214
Call: (503) 492-2200
Website: www.larryeckman.com


“This man is so nice! He returned my call the same day, went above and beyond to make sure I knew what to do to get my meds refilled and get the right care. Very caring, kind and intelligent soul. – Amy S.

Sunstone Psychiatric LLCBest Psychiatrists in Portland

Sunstone Psychiatric LLC is a behavioral and mental health clinic, particularly in dual diagnosis medication management and psychotherapy. Sunstone Psychiatric LLC also offers general psychiatric services, including treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma-related disorder, OCD, and thought disorders. Their practice is trauma-informed and client-centered. Sunstone Psychiatric is a group of caring clinicians providing mental health services who share a common commitment to helping clients improve their lives with quality care, personalized treatment, and evidence-based practice.


Dual Diagnosis Medication Management and Psychotherapy


Address: 2828 S Kelly Ave suite b, Portland, OR 97201
Call: (503) 477-7878
Website: www.sunstonepdx.com


“Ignore the 1 star review. I have worked with Annie for years and she is so awesome! She has impressive knowledge and insight into all aspects of health and wellness, not just psychological! I feel valued and appreciated at Sunstone. – Natalie G.

Well Coast Medical CorporationPortland Psychiatrists

Well Coast Medical Corporation specializes in the assessment and management of ADHD, and more. Their practice is sensitive to the challenges of addressing mental health issues, whether it be cost, time, or the inability to identify and address the root causes of distressing symptoms and signs. They are trained to approach mental health issues from the perspective of the whole person.

Using a biology-based method that focuses on treating and identifying the root cause of disease, they can assess each symptom or differential diagnosis as one of many contributing factors. The experience and success of their team has proven that involving your chosen support team will lead to more effective treatment.


Brief therapy, laboratory work and genetic testing, medication management, professional consultation, telepsychiatry


Address: 2175 NW Raleigh St Suite 110, Portland, OR 97210
Call: (833) 931-1716
Website: www.wellcoastmedical.com


“Brea Di Dato and his team are great! They really know ADHD and treat both adults and children equally well. I feel like I’ve found someone to finally listen to me and help me with the struggles I’ve had all my life! – Sola K.

Sandra J. Krussel DOGood psychiatrists in Portland

Sandra J. Krussel DO is a board-certified psychiatrist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist who helps people with anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, or relationship issues. She finds that she can help patients by identifying some of the reasons for their suffering. They can then work on these concerns through therapy, using medications if necessary, while learning about the resources available to the patient and learning how best to get help.

Sandra offers psychotherapy with medication if needed, taking into consideration her individual psychological and medical history, in addition to her current struggles, barriers, and goals she wishes to achieve. By working to truly know yourself with confidence, joy, honesty, and often pain, true hope and fulfillment can be realized.


Emotional disorders, depression, anxiety


Address: 2250 NW Flanders St Suite 306, Portland, OR 97210
Call: (503) 622-9082
Website: www.psychologytoday.com


“Very attentive. Helped me tremendously through a very difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend her.” – Claudia H.

integrative spiritOne of Portland's top psychiatrists

integrative spirit provides an effective, evidence-based and individualized level of care. Appointments include medication management, diagnostic evaluation, and therapy. As a physician, he has experienced that this only comes from more than 10 years of formal medical training beyond independent clinical experiences. This results in a faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

They offer a trauma-informed therapeutic approach in conjunction with medication. And aim to be problem-focused and solution-oriented. They use medication to reduce symptoms while working to develop a long-term approach to wellness.




Address: 205 SE Spokane St #300, Portland, OR 97202
Call: (503) 404-4555
Website: www.integrativemindpdx.com


“I sincerely appreciate the expert psychiatric services provided by Dr. Keith Johnson. For those used to finding the right mental health psychiatric care, finding the right team of professionals for your specific needs can be a daunting process. Dr. Keith provided me with the right care, understanding my unique situation and making the appropriate adjustments as needed. Combining his expertise with other mental health professionals, such as regular counseling from another team as well as regular group therapy which I have been in, has proven to be the right combination for me. For those reading this review, be aware that every situation is different. That said, in my opinion, Dr. Keith Johnson is one of the best-prepared psychiatrists in the Portland metro area. For me, he had the right balance of professionalism, in-depth knowledge, personality, etc. to help unlock what was holding me back. Thank you, Dr Keith Johnson – I sincerely appreciate the services you have provided to me.. and certainly wish the best to others seeking the right mental health psychiatric assistance. Give Dr. Keith Johnson a chance and you will probably be surprised by the service he provides. -Terry C.


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