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The author writes about symbols as concepts beyond the realms of art, art therapy and art in psychotherapy

The content of the symbol is visually contained in the product itself; but how does it get there, inside the product? The answer is a product.

— Extract from the Conscious-Unconscious Language SYMBOL

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Kilola Maishya has published his book titled Conscious SYMBOL – Unconscious Language: A Study Beyond Art, Art Therapy and Art in Psychotherapy. The book deals with symbols as a concept; hence the reference to “SYMBOL”. The author focused on symbols and their various definitions, meanings and purposes. It exposes ‘symbols’ across the spectrum of language, information, communication, decoding, meaning, interpretation, message and representation. This investigative study describes all of this through the prism of the interrelated fields of art, art therapy, and art in psychotherapy.

It examines the application of art as diagnostic material and delves into various related aspects such as symbol, meaning and decoding. It also includes related surveys and in-depth commentary on the dynamics of the creative process.

Kilola Maishya said, “I have compiled my work in this book, to show the relationship of the arts to science, and the arts as a valuable and salient concept, beyond just being a steering wheel; for example, showing that art is viable like any other science. I have framed my book to demonstrate the various arts as one of the fields of science.”

It offers poignant ideas and innovative perspectives; it provides valuable information and offers unique conclusions. His rich ideas on topics derive from personal and professional research and experience. His discussions cover topics such as the visible and the tangible. He focused on the phenomena of the invisible, the less tangible and the intangible.

Conscious SYMBOL – Unconscious Language: A Study Beyond Art, Art Therapy and Art in Psychotherapy
Written by: Kilola Maishya
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