10 Problematic Things About The Show, According To Reddit


The Netflix Phenomenon love on the spectrum was probably launched with pure intentions – being one of the most important shows for portraying people with autism in a positive, sympathetic and humanistic light – but many of the show’s viewers identified aspects of the series that they deem insensitive or even offensive to people on the autism spectrum.

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Some of these accusations have been made on Reddit, where members of the general public can voice their concerns under the protection of anonymity. Complaints include the show infantilizing people with autism, over-editing of show participants, and perpetuating potentially sexist tendencies.


The show infantilizes people with autism

The cast of Love on the Spectrum poses for a promotional photo

Along with praising the show’s more flattering portrayals of the autistic community, Reddit user MPaulina expressed concern that the show denies the maturity of its autistic adult stars. This Redditor mentioned that non-autistic people often treat the main cast members like children, the “neurotypical talking in baby voices to autistic adults.”

This condescension is also evident in their view of the stars as being more innocent than themselves. Infantilization is a common injustice that people with autism face, and it’s unfortunate that this show allows it to the extent that it does.

Presentations focus too much on cast members’ autistic traits

Love on the Ronan Spectrum

A post on the r/aspergers subreddit by PinkCreativeFox highlighted how cast members’ presentations on the show tend to focus on individuals’ autistic traits more than they do on their unrelated IDs, adding that ” It almost seems a bit childish.”

While the show’s creators may have thought that the stars’ focus on neurodivergence maintained the show’s theme, this poster, and others, argue that it dehumanizes them. Treating people with autism as individuals in their own right is an essential practice to ensure they receive the appropriate respect from neurotypical individuals.

Celebrities call autism a disability

Sharnae and Jimmy in wedding attire after their ceremony on Love on the Spectrum.

In a post on the r/autism subreddit, Redditor wavesandtea remarked that they “don’t like how the autistic people on the show call it a ‘disability.'” that by definition it is a “handicap”. However, there are so many benefits and freebies that come with it, it bothers me, that’s the first thing that’s mentioned repeatedly about it.” Some members of the autism community think their diagnosis is simply a difference in neurological functioning and behavior rather than an impairment.

While those on the spectrum should be free to refer to themselves and their diagnosis with whatever language they are comfortable with, this Redditor makes an interesting point about the nature of autism and its representation on the show.

Producers over-edit the show

Mark: Netflix Love on the Spectrum

A Redditor whose account has since been deleted posted on the show subreddit to warn fans that love on the spectrum, like most reality shows, is heavily edited by the producers to portray the cast members in any way they choose. They state “There are numerous quotes, reactions, moments, etc. that are out of place to show exactly what the producers want you to see.” The author of the post cited Chloe as an example, mentioning that she wishes the producers had included more examples of her less flattering behavior in the final cut to humanize her more.

As producers’ editing choices have solidified love on the spectrum as one of the most interesting TV shows at the time of its debut, it’s always wise to consider behind-the-scenes practices when watching reality TV – especially when the specific program covers such an important and sensitive topic that this one Is.

Producers Could Take Advantage Of Cast Members For Profit

Olivia :: Love on the Spectrum

TheBlackBird808 wrote an article questioning whether the show’s producers are using cast members and their experiences to make a profit without actually considering them as individuals, remarking, “I don’t know if it’s okay to filming people during such private moments.”

This seems like a legitimate concern that fans of the show should consider if they’re invested in the well-being of their favorite stars. If a show treats people with autism as pawns rather than worthy individuals, it can’t really defend them — even if that’s the show’s premise.

The cast members come from similar families

Reddit user Disastrous_Article mentioned in a detailed post that the vast majority of love on the spectrum the subjects come from upper-class families and are supported by loving parents who sympathize with their diagnosis, stating that there are also “parents who systematically deny their children’s neurodivergence (sic), verbally or physically abuse them, etc. .”

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There are certainly dozens of people in the community who come from less wealthy families, in addition to those whose parents or guardians make no effort to understand their neurodivergence. Including these people would make the show a more accurate representation of the autistic community as a whole.

The show intends to entertain rather than help its stars

MEaglestoner speculated that the show’s producers are more concerned with the entertainment value of the love on the spectrum the cast members’ funniest and cutest moments than with their growth and development, basing their concern on the minimal help professionals give them as they navigate the dating scene.

The Redditor opined that “(most) of the people they picked needed proper relationship therapy before they had a chance at a long-term romantic relationship.” While audiences expect to be entertained by the program, they also care about the well-being of its stars, and additional professional guidance can allow actors to be more comfortable and successful as they attempt to find life partners for themselves.

The show exclusively portrays stereotypical autism

Chloe: love on the spectrum

BasicCaucasianSecks, who identifies as being part of the spectrum, claimed that the individuals who were chosen for the show represented stereotypical cases of autism and that autistic people who could not identify with them were excluded from the narrative. from the show, saying, “These stereotypes make it harder for people to accept autistic people who fall outside of that stereotype.”

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While the show has embraced racial and gender diversity relatively well — in addition to featuring actors who are part of the LGBTQ+ community as well as the autism community — it could benefit from stars with varying autistic characteristics. wider.

Every date was between two people on the spectrum

Redditor UniverseBear pointed out that many of the relationships and single dates depicted on love on the spectrum are between two people on the autism spectrum, whereas autistic people often date non-autistic people. That includes this Redditor, who mentioned that their “girlfriend of 4 years is not on the spectrum, so I’d like to focus on those types of relationships as well.”

This oversight prevented the show’s producers to illustrate the autistic experience as adequately as they otherwise might have done, and it may also have implied that people on the spectrum are unable to form legitimate relationships with neurotypical people. A third season of the show would benefit from including such a relationship.

There are sexist tendencies

Mark: Netflix Love on the Spectrum

A commenter on r/AutismInWomen going through smallbonesofcourage noted that men sometimes dominated the conversations they had with women during the love on the spectrum dates in season 2 rather than prioritizing their date or partner’s interests above their own, mentioning that “men monopolize conversations and women don’t”.

While this pattern has nothing to do with autism, it does show that misogynistic gender norms are pervasive in all societies and across all demographics. The show’s producers need to be aware of such mistakes — which men may well not be aware they are making — in order to make the dating process more hospitable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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