What is wisdom?

Do you think that wisdom is something that is inaccessible and that you have to be a great teacher, have spent tens of years in a meditative state, live in an abbey or ashram to pretend to be wise?

Wisdom shines through our actions

In my opinion, wisdom is not a product of thought but transpires in our actions. To show wisdom is to act concretely in the present moment.

Presence, a form of wisdom

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To pay attention to the other is a primordial intelligence. When we pay attention to each other, we are really with each other in the present moment . We are with each other without ignoring what is happening around us but we are fully present, fully aware of the present moment . We thus totally dissolve the walls of conceptual thinking.

In doing so, we are no longer imagining what we are going to answer, what to say. We are not thinking, I can not tell him that, because it will hurt him or make him angry … We are with the person there now, fully listening to him. Thus, we totally unite with each other and we heal our sense of separation.

If we are not fully with each other, we avoid what is. We do not accept the present moment as it is.

Welcome the real, a state of wisdom

If at some point you are communicating with someone with whom you are not fully present, then you do not want to welcome him. You do not want to welcome life as it is. You refuse the event as it happens.

If you do not welcome there, now, the moment that is pleasant or unpleasant is that you refuse the present. As we live in an eternal present, it is because you refuse life in its totality.

Giving his attention raises wisdom

Giving his attention raises wisdom

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Wisdom could be summed up by just paying full attention to another. And the other may be another person but it is above all, oneself. If you do not pay attention to yourself, how can you give it to others?

Wisdom already begins with oneself.
Aristotle said that “self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. “

Getting to know each other, the ultimate wisdom

Getting to know each other, the ultimate wisdom

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I invite you to pay attention as often as possible. Observe yourself, listen to yourself, analyze yourself, collaborate with the different parts of yourself!

When you are in communication with someone, pay attention to them.
Accept the moment as it is, without rejecting the emotions and feelings associated with it in order to fully accept the present.
By doing so, day after day, you will walk on the path of wisdom …