What is a revolving loan?

Image result for revolving loanA revolving loan is a loan where you arrange a maximum loan amount with Bank. The maximum loan amount is also called loan limit. Depending on your needs and financial possibilities, it is possible to take out a revolving loan from € 5,000 to € 50,000. With an Ongoing Loan, you can withdraw money continuously, as and when you want, up to the agreed loan limit. You do not have to withdraw the amount in one go, but that is of course possible. You only pay interest on the amount you have withdrawn. You pay a monthly installment and that is a fixed percentage, 1%, 2% or 2.5%, of the total loan limit. The interest is settled in this monthly repayment. The interest on a revolving loan can rise or fall as long as the loan runs. Have you fully repaid part of the loan or loan? You can then withdraw money again up to the loan limit. Because you can re-enter repaid amounts, the end date of an Ongoing Loan is unknown. Are you aware that you have to fully repay the loan once. That is why it is wise to determine for yourself the exact loan objective and a target date for the repayment of the Continuing loan. You will never lend more and longer than necessary.

An ongoing loan explained in 100 seconds

What is a revolving loan? How does a revolving loan work and for whom is it suitable? Watch the video where the characteristics of a revolving loan are clearly explained. It is important that you yourself can make a well-considered decision about which loan form best suits your situation. For more information you can also view ‘ What loan suits me ‘.

Features Continuous loan

Below you can see the characteristics of an Ongoing loan clearly arranged. Click on an attribute for more information on this topic. Do you have more questions? Please contact us. We like to help you!

Revolving loan

Are you looking for flexibility? Then a revolving loan will fit you. You can use the spending limit whenever you want. You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn. The interest rate is variable, it can rise or fall. The term is also variable and will become longer as you withdraw more money. You can always pay off without penalty.

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When suitable

A revolving loan is suitable for expenses for which you do not know the exact costs in advance. You have money with an Ongoing loan (up to an agreed limit).

Variable interest

With a revolving loan the interest rate is variable. During the term of the loan, the interest rate can be both lower and higher. You pay a fixed amount each month, consisting of part interest and part repayment.


Variable running time

The term is variable, because it depends on the amounts you withdraw and the interest rate at that time.

Monthly amount

You pay a percentage of the agreed loan amount every month, your loan limit. This amount consists of interest and repayment. Of course you only pay interest and repayment on the amount that you have included.

The minimum amount that you can pay monthly is 1% of the agreed loan amount. Each higher monthly amount is possible. With a higher monthly amount, your loan is repaid faster and you pay less interest.

Rather redeem earlier

At Bank you can always pay off without penalty. It is advisable to make additional repayments as soon as you have the financial space for this. Extra repayments will shorten the term of your loan and reduce the total cost of your loan.


Your age is from 21 to 64 years.

How much can you borrow

Depending on your needs and financial possibilities between € 5,000 and € 50,000.

Lend consciously and do not be tempted to a higher amount. Only borrow what you need.

Can I withdraw repaid amounts

Yes, you can withdraw repaid amounts. Of course, the duration will be longer and you will also have to repay amounts that have been withdrawn again. This can be tempting. You may have a tendency to borrow more often and more money, so that your debt does not get smaller. You will not pay back your loan because of this. Save first or a Personal loan are an alternative.

Do you want to withdraw money within your loan limit of your revolving loan? You can arrange this yourself via My Bank or contact us.


When and for whom is a revolving loan suitable?

A revolving loan is suitable if you do not know in advance what the costs are. For example a renovation. You probably will not spend the money you need for this at once. In the case of an Ongoing Loan, you agree a loan limit with Bank and that is the maximum amount you can borrow. You can withdraw this amount in one go or in parts. It can be tempting to keep repaying amounts. Are you aware that you have to fully repay the loan once. It is therefore wise to determine for yourself the exact loan goal and a target date for the repayment of the Continuous loan. You will never lend more and longer than necessary.

At Bank you apply for your Continuous loan completely online

Requesting a revolving loan at Bank goes completely online. We do not advise you, but we would like to inform you as fully as possible about what lending means. So you choose whether a revolving loan fits your personal and financial situation and whether it fits your loan purpose. Using the online calculation tool, you calculate the costs for a revolving loan. Have you calculated the desired revolving loan? Then you can always request a free quote for a revolving loan at Bank. With a quote from Bank you are nowhere fixed. Read more about how a loan application works at Bank .

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10 reasons to borrow from Bank

You do not borrow money every day. That is why you want to know exactly where you stand before you take out a revolving loan. Bank is honest and clear about borrowing money. No more snakes, no hidden costs and clear conditions. Moreover, you can always pay a revolving loan at Bank, free of charge, as often and as much as you want. Want to know more about Bank? Read here the 10 benefits of borrowing money at Bank .