To meditate, is it to discover that nothing exists?

Meditating is not relaxing

Contrary to what many people think, the primary purpose of meditation is not to relax.
Napping, soft music, relaxation are made for that.

To relax, you can also watch a comic film, spend time with your friends around a good meal, play a game with your children, dance, sing, get a massage.You can go for a quiet walk in nature , admire the landscape, the trees, the sky, the animals.

All these activities will bring you well-being, relaxation and recovery of energy but are not necessarily meditation activities.

sky sea sun
To meditate is not to isolate oneself from the world

You can very well find yourself alone at home or in the countryside for several days without meditating. Not to be in contact with men or to flee their company is not a necessity for meditation.

We can be alone , overwhelmed by our thoughts and emotions trying to anesthetize ourselves with what is hurting us, with the help of denial, too much food or drink, we’ll be there, the opposite meditation …

To meditate is not to think no more

Choosing not to think about putting oneself into action, or to immerse oneself in reverie, watching movies, watching television, listening to music does not mean that we will be in meditation …

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To meditate is not to want to achieve something

When I want something, it is very often the mind that is at work and when the mind directs our actions without being fully aware of it, it does its best to protect us from anything that might seem unpleasant to us. or make us suffer …

It prevents us from being fully present to ourselves and from making the observer grow in us …

It’s the opposite of Meditation !

Meditation is the observation of reality

Meditation is the observation of reality

Meditation is only the observation of the reality of who we are and of what surrounds us and when we give space to the observer in us, we realize that we are not our thoughts, nor our emotions nor this body since we can observe it, feel it while detaching from it …

We learn to see that we are made of skin, flesh, water, bone, gas and blood, that everything moves within us , inside us, that our thoughts go through us , that we are made of incessant movements, vibrations and cells that exchange with each other inside our body and outside our body …

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To meditate is to observe that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end

And the more we observe our feelings, our thoughts, our body, the more we realize that everything moves, is impermanent and everything is connected . Through meditation, we realize that we are all connected to each other by the vibrations and the information that passes through us and of which we are partly made.

We know from science that our body is constantly renewed , that every 11 years, our cellular capital has been completely renewed … and paradoxically we know that we change, evolve every day, that we are born, grow and die, and that every phenomenon of the world has a beginning, a middle and an end …

Today, I am already different from the one I was yesterday. I learned things, my cells changed, some died, others were born, the structure of my brain changed, I have new neuronal connections … and yet I feel like always the same person as I was yesterday!

The meditation allows us to live wonderful experiences like that to feel a heat and an immense love to set our heart on fire … or a deep peace to invade us … We sometimes live wonderful moments of ecstasy … and yet all this remains a construction of our mental!

Each time, it is the Present who offers his gift and we can not decide the experience we are going to live …

During a meditation, I was surprised to experience something amazing: it suddenly seemed to me that an inner window was opening inside me and that I could see the stars in the sky shining as if I was living really the experience of being outside in the night under a wonderful starry sky … It was so beautiful and strong that I would have liked this moment to be prolonged again and again …

I understood at this moment that we all had the sky and the world in us … and that we were all connected …

After such an experience, I felt so full of gratitude and humility at the beauty of this Great Mystery that is Life … that I accepted for the first time not to find an answer to the questions that had been pounding for so long:

But who is he who observes?

Does it have a beginning, a middle and an end?

Is it a piece of the great whole that is beyond us, which some call  Intelligence, Divine Intelligence, Infinite Love, Cosmic Energy or God?