The Language of the Mind

The language of the mind The royal way

Do you know the language that really affects your mind?
The one who touches your being in the deepest?

It is a language that allows you to enter into a reflection and to feel with the heart, the sentences and the words spoken. With this language, there is no doubt for the listener, more misunderstanding.

Carl Gustav Jung said that the language of the mind or the unconscious is a royal road.

How to speak the language of the heart?

How to speak the language of the heart?

All the great Master like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Khalil Gibran, Krishnamurti (and many others!) Used this language of the heart because it touches the other in the depths of his being. This language consists of parables, metaphors, analogies .

Here is an example to understand the difference between a usual language and a language with parables.
Let’s take the following sentence:
“All people who say they know the truth or know the universe
are wrong. “

Did you learn anything by reading this sentence?
Did you feel something special?
Did you feel touched?

Let’s take the same sentence but told by Buddha in the form of a story:

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Many blind people by birth dreamed of knowing what an elephant was. They were brought near an elephant. One of the blind men touched the elephant’s trunk and said:
“It’s a snake! “.
The second touched the belly of the elephant and exclaimed:
“It’s like a big stone! “.
The third laughed at the foot of the elephant: “It’s a pole! “.
Thus Buddha perfectly illustrated the fact that those who claim to know the universe are wrong.

The power of mental images

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This second way of stating a truth affects us directly because analogies, and history invites us to think. While reading it, we imagined the elephant, we saw his trunk and his foot. And all this thinking brings us to a better understanding of this truth.

This parable directly touches the mind since it solicits our imagination with the elements of history.

At CREA100, the school of holistic coaches, we learn precisely how to use mental images , mainly using the guided awake dream and the spontaneous directed dream.
We learn to transform our mental images by sensitizing them with the guided awakening dream and transforming them with the spontaneous awakened dream .

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I urge you to use as much of the parables as possible when you want to talk to someone to convey a message, important information or to teach them something.

The best way to teach is to use parables , telling stories because the story will touch the mind and heart of the listener.