Real estate loan


Bank offers you the possibility of financing your principal residence, secondary residence, a rental investment (Pinel law) or the purchase of your real estate loan with the Bank housing loan at a competitive rate. The annual percentage rate of charge (APR), including insurance (death, disability and disability), offered by Bank is 1.65%. This 15-year fixed rate corresponds to a loan of € 200,000 for a borrower under 31 years of age. In addition to benefit from the best rate of loan on the market for a mortgage, the fees are offered and you will not pay any compensation in case of early repayment.

Image result for real estate loanHow to negotiate a mortgage loan Bank?

You can subscribe to a Bank home loan without having to house your income or deposit a minimum personal contribution, excluding notary fees and home loan guarantee, in contrast to the ING Direct real estate loan, which imposes a minimum of 10% of the selling price. personal contribution. A real estate mortgage calculator helps you to prepare your real estate project financing. You can calculate the monthly payments of your mortgage, assess your borrowing capacity based on your income or monthly payment, assess the amount of your mortgage. This simulation is purely indicative and does not commit you. An advisor is also at your disposal for personalized support. Your loan application must be at least € 100,000 to subscribe to a Bank real estate loan.

The subscription of a mortgage is 100% online from your computer or smartphone. Here’s how to get a Bank home loan:

  • Fill out a funding application form by filling in your income, expenses and assets,
  • Bank immediately gives you an answer in principle, you choose the most suitable proposal for you,
  • Send the supporting documents online and sign your mortgage application electronically.

If accepts your file, you will only have to sign the loan offer online after a 10-day cooling off period. You can follow the progress of your file on your client area, “My file”. The Bank mortgage loan offer is valid for 30 days. The competitive rates of the mortgage loan have enabled Bank to receive the excellence label 2017 with “Les Dossiers de l’Epargne”.

Bank will immediately offer you the best market rate, so it is useless to try to negotiate a mortgage loan Bank with the help of a broker. Moreover, the conditions of eligibility are the same as in a traditional bank:

  • Employee on permanent contract, trial period completed,
  • Minimum seniority of 3 years for the liberal professions (1 year in the medical),
  • Minimum seniority of 5 years for a manager, trader, independent profession, artisans, farmers.

Image result for real estate loanThe advantages of the Bank real estate loan

The Bank real estate loan is accessible to all as there is no obligation to domicile its income at Bank. The Bank mortgage offers the following benefits:

  • A fixed APR of 1.65%, including insurance,
  • No minimum of personal contribution required,
  • No processing fees, ie savings of 500 to 1000 €,
  • No penalties in case of early repayment except in case of repurchase of the loan by a competitor,
  • A counselor to accompany you,
  • Up to 3 postponements of monthly repayments of the loan,
  • Modulation possible upward (up to 30% of the amount of the last monthly payment) as downward (without lengthening the initial term of repayment of the loan by more than 1 year).

Bank does not only allow you to benefit from the best mortgage. The bank charges of the bank account Bank are among the lowest on the market, enough to change banks for . Bank offers comprehensive and reliable banking products and services. Its expertise enables Bank to be a leader in the banking market with its business model that empowers the customer and facilitates the bank’s daily life.