Real estate loan online banking

The mortgage loan is a strategic banking product since it is accompanied by the domiciliation of the customer’s income and therefore its loyalty. Offering the best mortgage loan is therefore essential for the sustainability of a bank. How are online banks positioned relative to the mortgage loan market? Can all borrowers benefit from a competitive interest rate home loan at an online bank ? Not really, online banks do not finance complex projects or borrowers with little guarantee … Our opinion real estate bank online .

Real estate bank online banking: a limited choice

Although the online mortgage loan offering of banks is transparent with a clearly quoted APR rate, one of the best mortgage loan rates and the ability to perform a loan simulation, online banks do not finance the most expensive real estate projects. complex. You can invest in new or old but some files are refused and some types of loans are not offered by banks online because too complicated and time consuming for them. The choice is therefore limited according to the notice real estate bank online . Thus, a potential client will no longer wish to subscribe to a mortgage loan in an online bank because it is impossible to :

  • Buy a parking
  • Buy a commercial space
  • Buy on plan, VEFA
  • Make a financing including regulated loans: PTZ, PAS, loan agreement …

In addition, we remain on our hunger on the credit notice real estate online banking since it offers only one type of financial guarantee, housing credit . The mortgage loan guarantee is not possible when subscribing a mortgage loan online bank . Problem, the housing credit financing company asks for solvency guarantees that the borrower can not always justify.

Real estate bank online banking: limited access

Who wants peace prepares for war. Online banks do not take any risk on the creditworthiness of the borrower according to the real estate bank online banking opinion . This one must show white paw justifying of a:

  • CDI with validated trial period
  • 3 years of seniority for a liberal profession (1 year for a health professional)
  • 5 years of seniority for a company manager

The conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan are therefore too restrictive according to the notice online real estate bank . Our opinion online bank real estate credit suggests that the offer still has a long way to go to offer more flexibility and democratize its offer . Especially if online banks want to replace traditional banks . Another negative point of the real estate bank online credit notice , the mortgage loan loan offer is firm, impossible to negotiate the mortgage loan interest rate .